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[Movie News] Yang Mi and Wallace Huo’s Reset 逆时营救 releases character posters

Yang Mi and Wallace Huo’s upcoming time-traveling thriller Reset (逆时营救) have released a batch of character posters! As we wait for the film to hit theaters on June 30th, remember to check out the English subbed trailer! But, where is Yehua when we need him? Poor Qian Qian and Ah Li are suffering in the mortal realm!

  • Evil_fan

    I was loling at your Ye Hua comment then I saw Wallace face…
    BQ and Ali will be with another handsome god instead now that YH is busy LOL

    • haha so many gods in this movie! I guess they’re all going through their trials? Or maybe they caused trouble in heaven and now they’re being punished 🤔

  • alltalk

    Ye Hua is busy ‘serving looks for Elle Man’ ㅋㅋㅋ I’ve been following a few entertainment sites/blogs like this but none posted a subbed trailer. Thanks! I guess this movie will show a turn from her normal roles.

    • hahaha! oh right I forgot, Ye Hua is very busy right now! Qian Qian will have to fight on her own this time lol, it does look like an interesting movie though. I’m especially looking forward to seeing Wallace play a villain for a change