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[Drama Recap] Long For You 我与你的光年距离 (2017) Episodes 19 to 21 (END)

We have reached the end, and it’s time to say goodbye to this amazing drama *cries*

Episode 19

Chun Shan is at the basketball court. Lisa comes to find him. She is surprised that his habit of playing at night hasn’t changed. To be honest, she and all their friends have been looking for Chun Shan for a long time now after he had cut ties with everyone and disappeared. No one was able to contact him.

So, she’s really happy he’s back and she wants to apologize for what happened years ago. She was young and spoiled. He always yielded to her demands, whereas she on the other hand, never even tried to see from his perspective.

Chun Shan says she doesn’t have to say sorry. He was actually really happy when they were together and he doesn’t plan on forgetting those memories. But, he looks forward to the future. Lisa asks if they really can’t start over again and he tells her their relationship is already a thing of the past, he has no intention of going back. He doesn’t love her anymore. There is someone else in his heart now.

Jiang Huai walks by and he tells Lisa she already met her last time. He walks over and wraps his arm around Jiang Huai. She asks what they were talking about just now and he answers with a smile, “I like you, that’s what,”

The next day, the two couples prepare to go on a road trip. They finish loading the trunk and are about to leave when Li Zhe shows up uninvited with a big frown. They don’t even tell him about stuff like this anymore (aww that was mean). Chun Shan insists they didn’t ask him because they thought he’d be busy with work. Li Zhe declares he is completely free, so he is going with them! He gets in the van and squeezes himself next to Shi Yi and Xue Ji in the backseat.

And they are off! At some point though during the long car ride, Li Zhe ends up sleeping on Shi Yi’s shoulder and they look absolutely adorable (I knew this should have been the ultimate ship!! lol). Jealous of the sight, Xue Ji pushes Li Zhe away and makes Shi Yi lean on her shoulder instead.

They arrive at the seaside and run around along the beach, enjoying the beautiful scenery. As it gets dark, they sit outside their tent, drinking and eating snacks. Chun Shan suggests playing a game and the three dummies groan. Li Zhe tells Chun Shan no one wants to challenge Xue Ji at trivia. She’s like a walking encyclopedia!

But, Chun Shan says they can play something else this time. So, they decide on truth or dare. Xue Ji is selected to answer the first question because she was the only one with her palm facing up while everyone else had their hand flipped.

Chun Shan asks her when she fell in love for the first time and she answers a thousand years ago. They laugh that she’s an old woman.

Xue Ji loses again in the second round. Chun Shan asks how many relationships she’s been in. Her answer: only one and she even married him!

Li Zhe loses the next game and they force him to take a dare. He must eat a cracker with someone else and they can only use their mouths. Chun Shan says he and Jiang Huai won’t play it with him though. Shi Yi also refuses. So, Li Zhe happily puts a graham cracker in his mouth and waits for Xue Ji.

Seeing this dangerous situation, Shi Yi grabs Li Zhe by the neck and pulls him over so he can bite the cracker.

The two guys awkwardly stare at each other for a romantic moment until the cracker breaks and they are each left with a piece in their mouths. Li Zhe is shocked at the sudden turn of events, as is everyone else.

Later, Xue Ji and Shi Yi finally get some time to themselves. They admire the stars together. Xue Ji wonders which star the person who saved her a thousand years ago is from and wonders what he was thinking when he made the decision to help her.

Shi Yi notes it must have been hard for Xue Ji, living alone for so many years. She agrees it has been quite some time. But, after living in this world for so long, she has discovered that humans are the most unpredictable species. Trees are always the same and rivers either dry up or break its bank. But, for humans, we are sometimes brave, sometimes naive, sometimes hypocritical, sometimes cowardly, sometimes we feel like there is no hope in this world, and then there are moments when we wish we can love until the end of time. For Xue Ji, it was because of this hope that she persevered for so long.

She says it was all worth it though, even if it was just for this one moment, it was all worth it. Shi Yi promises he won’t make her wait this long ever again and holds her hand tightly. Xue Ji tells him it’s beautiful here, she can’t bear to leave. Shi Yi tells her to stay then, they’ll be together forever, is she willing to do that? She is, she wouldn’t want it any other way.

In the morning, Xue Ji wakes up before everyone else. Tao De calls to tell her Liu Yuhan passed away a few days ago. Xue Ji drops the bottle of water she’s drinking. Then she asks how Yuhan had died.

Because it was such an unexpected death, an autopsy was performed and it was discovered that while Yuhan appeared young and youthful, her internal organs had all reached its final stages, close to what one would expect of someone in their eighties. So, the conclusion is that it was a natural death.

Xue Ji is devastated at the news and has nothing else to say. She ends the call with Tao De.

Everyone packs up to leave. They don’t know where Xue Ji walked off to. Shi Yi goes to look for her. She’s sitting by herself, far away from their campsite. Shi Yi asks what she’s doing her and she coldly tells him to stay away from her. It’s over. He asks what she means by that and she explains, “We’re over. Let’s end it here,”

As she turns to walk away, he grabs her wrist and asks what caused her to make this sudden decision. She tells him, she is exactly as he had said before: she’s the type of person who does as she pleases. This is her life and her decision; he has no say in it. Xue Ji says she didn’t have him in her world before, and she doesn’t need him in the future either.

Shi Yi is at a loss for words, but he continues to hold her hand, clinging onto his last bit of hope. Xue Ji pulls away, determined to put an end to this. Shi Yi stays rooted in place as Xue Ji returns to the campsite for the car keys. She tells them to call for a driver; she’s going to leave first. Chun Shan asks why but she doesn’t answer. Li Zhe watches her with worry.

In the car, Xue Ji calls the doctor’s office about the physical exam Tao De had set up for her. She wants to do it as soon as possible and she asks if the report comes back showing that there is something wrong with her body, with how medically advanced they are today, they should be able to treat her, right? They tell her it will depend on the circumstances and Xue Ji closes her eyes, expecting the worse.

Hours later Chun Shan, Jiang Huai, and Li Zhe arrive back at the house. But, Xue Ji isn’t around. Li Zhe goes to her room to check on her. She’s sitting on the floor, her face stained with tears. Li Zhe kneels down next to her and asks what happened. She doesn’t answer and he tells her he’ll definitely help her if the problem is something he can resolve. And even if it’s something out of his control, he’ll help her find a way. Xue Ji nods and says, “Save me,”

But, she refuses to elaborate, so Li Zhe talks to Tao De. After understanding the situation, Li Zhe returns to Xue Ji’s side. He wants to pat her head, to offer her some comfort. But, she shakes her head as tears continue to stream down her face. Li Zhe retreats his hand. He tells her he knows now, and everything will be okay.

Xue Ji shakes her head again with a sad smile when he asks her to trust him. She says she shouldn’t have said the stuff she did, she shouldn’t have said that she didn’t believe in hell or how people should leave this world coolly when the time comes, “Li Zhe, I don’t want to die now. I want to live. I’ve lived for so long… it wasn’t easy for me to finally have friends and the person I love… I don’t want everything to just end like this,”

Li Zhe asks if she had told Gu Shi Yi yet. She sobs at the mention of Shi Yi. Li Zhe takes it she hasn’t told him yet, so he decides to help her break the news to everyone.

But, Xue Ji grabs his hand to stop him. She doesn’t want Shi Yi to know. Li Zhe reminds her though that Shi Yi has always brought her hope, so she should be with him now. Even though Li Zhe had once wished to become the person who can give her strength, he knows now that no matter what he does, he can’t ever beat the love of a thousand years.

This is something between Xue Ji and Shi Yi; she shouldn’t be the only one to bear all the pain. Li Zhe pats her head, she isn’t as brave as she thinks shi is and Shi Yi definitely isn’t as weak as she imagines him to be. They’re both the same, they need each other. Li Zhe leaves the room and Xue Ji continues to cry in the darkness… [End of Episode]

Episode 20

Li Zhe goes downstairs to tell Chun Shan and Jiang Huai.

The next day, he meets up with Shi Yi, who wants to see Xue Ji right away (Li Zhe had already told him everything over the phone). She’s getting her physical exam now, Li Zhe will tell him once she’s done.

It’s Christmas, Chun Shan and Li Zhe are setting up the tree. Xue Ji is alone in her room, starring at her body scans. Jiang Huai runs in to tell her to go downstairs and celebrate. Santa Claus is waiting.

Xue Ji walks out to the balcony. Shi Yi is dressed in costume and waves to her from below. He spins and makes hearts with his arms until she finally cracks a smile with tears in her eyes.

She meets him outside and asks if he’s Santa Claus. Rudolph had already left, why is he still here? Isn’t he going to deliver presents to the children?

He points at her and Xue Ji chokes on a sob as she says she isn’t a child anymore, she can’t accept his gifts. She asks him to leave. It’s cold. He should go find his Rudolph. She waves goodbye and turns to leave. But, he pulls her into his embrace, determined to stay by her side no matter what.

“Shi Yi, is it you?” she smiles, asking the obvious and he tells her it’s especially cold this holiday season, why didn’t she put on more clothes before stepping outside?

Xue Ji wraps her arms around him and Shi Yi wishes her a Merry Christmas.

After opening presents, Jiang Huai tells Xue Ji they had all written her letters. She wants to read them out loud but Li Zhe tells her not to. Chun Shan agrees to let Xue Ji get some rest. But, Xue Ji wants to spend more time with them.

So, Jiang Huai reads her letter: “Xue Ji, I’ve been thinking for a long time. Does every person have so many troubles? What is it like to truly live a happy life? I’ve never wished for that kind of life because I never felt I deserved those things. But then… I met you. You gave me a real home, you care for me more than my real family. You always tell me to be brave, to have confidence, to chase my dreams. Miracles have never occurred in my life until I met you… Xue Ji, please tell me the things you want to eat and the places you want to go. I’ll learn to cook delicious food for you. Don’t eat instant ramen anymore,”

Jiang Huai stops with tears and tells Xue Ji she can’t continue.

Chun Shan goes next: “Li Xue Ji. How do I start to describe this person? Are you pretty? Not really. You’re ugly when you cry. Do you have a good figure? Not quite, you’re actually a little chubby because you’re always eating snacks. Are you educated? You have accumulated some knowledge, so I’ll give you a pass for this one,”

Xue Ji throws a gift box at him before he reads the next portion of his letter: “But, Li Xue Ji is a very kindhearted person. She is my best friend. She would risk her life to save a stranger. She likes all kinds of dolls. Even after having lived for so long, she is still as innocent as ever. She is the person who I am most thankful for in this world. I want her to be happy. She said her biggest wish was to be like a normal person, to be able to talk and laugh with the one she loves and grow old together with him. My wish is she can always be happy and without worries, to be able to eat the snacks she wants, to laugh and cry to her heart’s content, and cross the road holding hands [with that person]. I want to see her living like that… I’m willing to exchange everything I have now, for this one wish,”

Chun Shan covers his face and cries. Xue Ji tells him to stop, they’re celebrating a holiday today. What’s with this atmosphere? They shouldn’t read anymore. She takes all their letters; she’ll read them by herself.

Xue Ji then hugs them all one at a time. Shi Yi walks out of the room, unable to take it anymore. Everyone is upset.

That night, Xue Ji lies on the floor next to Shi Yi. She confesses she had always found it laughable when she saw people like Li Min Zhi, who were so desperate to live. But, she understands now how wrong she had been to think that way.

If there was a person in our lives who we want to see for another moment longer, we won’t be able to bear the thought of leaving them behind. We will want to live for a little longer, even for a second more.

Shi Yi tells her, he’s always here.

Xue Ji says she’s been having crazy thoughts lately. Some people live until sixty, while others live well into their eighties. Liu Yuhan is gone and Xue Ji might die tomorrow, but there is also the possibility that she’ll live for another tens of years, right?

She regret that she didn’t believe in gods before. If she did, she would pray to them now. Would they help her?

Shi Yi tells her again, he will always be here. As long as she thinks of him, he will be here.

Xue Ji is scared, she doesn’t want to die. But, she’s sleepy, she asks Shi Yi to tell her a story. So, he reads to her a story about a cat that has lived and died over a million times, meeting many different owners in his lifetime who all loved and adored him.

Then there came a lifetime when he was finally free in the wilderness. He had many pursuers who wanted to be his bride, but he only liked the white cat who paid little to no attention to him and he asked the white cat if he can stay by her side from now on. She agreed and they lived happily together, having many adorable kittens that grew up beautifully. But, over the years, the white cat had grown old as well and one day, she passed away unexpectedly. He hugged her and cried from night to morning and then from morning to night again, for over a million times until he couldn’t cry anymore, and then he finally died beside his beloved. After that, he never lived again…

We skip to one year later.

Shi Yi sits on the beach with a golden retriever, wearing the shirt Xue Ji had designed for him… [End of Episode]

Episode 21

[Note: This is actually the exact same episode as the previous one, but with an added scene at the very end!]

Xue Ji shows up at the beach and Shi Yi runs over to hug her.

Then we are shown the scene from a thousand years ago, where Shi Yi had told Xue Ji, “If I could be together with you, even if it’s only for one day, it would be better than the loneliness of a thousand years,” [The End]


So, I take this as a happy ending, telling us to cherish every moment we have with those we love.

And I am really happy Xue Ji didn’t die, but I am also quite frustrated right now because I thought episode 21 was actually a full episode! LOL, when the episode loaded and read “episode 20” on the screen I thought something was seriously wrong. So, I spent half an hour trying to find my episode on other streaming sites (but it’s nowhere to be found) and then I stumbled on a comment that explained it all, “Episode 21 is exactly the same as episode 20, except there are a few extra minutes,” I can’t believe it. I finished this amazing drama without even realizing it. I wasn’t ready to say goodbye yet! Ugh, in my mind there was supposed to be another 25 minutes for me enjoy before I had to let go of everything in this beautiful Long for You universe!! asdfghjkl@#!$%^&*!!!!!!

*takes several deep breaths*

I did enjoy these TWO episodes though! I really did. When Chun Shan read the last line of his letter, I broke down. He said he would trade everything he had for Xue Ji to continue living a happy life. Those were the exact same thoughts that ran through my mind before my mom passed away, so his words really connected with me and I felt really sad for all our characters at that moment. But, I was a little disappointed Li Zhe and Shi Yi didn’t get to read their letters, even though the scene was already heartbreaking enough as it was. And we already know how much these two men love Xue Ji, so I guess it really wasn’t necessary to put everyone through more misery.

To me, Long for You was perfect from beginning to end; there was never a dull moment. The story moved at an amazing pace, with wonderfully fleshed out characters and relationships. My biggest concern when I started this web drama was that it would be too short to leave an impression. But, I was wrong and I am really thankful for how lucky I was to pick such a wonderful drama to recap! (I practically had to watch every episode 2-3 times in order to write the summary and take screencaps! lol, it would have been a nightmare if this had turned out to be a crappy show)

And there’s actually so much more I want to say about Long for You, but I will save them for the overall drama review (which I will post tomorrow)! For now, I will leave you with this: Thank you to everyone who had read my recaps and especially to those of you who took the time to drop me a message every now and then! Your comments were my biggest source of motivation. I wouldn’t have made it here without you guys. So, THANK YOU!! ❤️

  • Lainey

    You know, I just have to say that you are my lifesaver!!! I have been waiting for the subs and there isn’t any, went searching on the websites and I stumbled into yours!!! You have saved me endless of time looking for recaps of this show!!! Soo MUCH APPRECIATED!!! I always did wondered what is being said in the show and watching it without any help, make me lost and confuse on this show!! So in short, I want to thank you for your hard work in doing these recaps!!! 😊 😀
    Will you be doing other Chinese tv dramas recaps?

    • Aww thank you so much for this sweet message! I’m really happy to know these recaps were useful! The main reason why I decided to recap Long For You was because subs weren’t available, and I wanted more people to watch this cute drama! hehe, I feel like I’ve done my part now 😋

      And I definitely plan on recapping other dramas when I have time! Right now I’m actually thinking of doing recaps for “The Journey” which also stars Zhou Yutong. I watched the first episode yesterday and really like it!

      • Lainey

        I watched a few episodes of it in eng subs and they were okay, only because I like Ma Ke acting in Journey of the Flower and its sequel in the modern world. Truly exceptional acting in both series, have you watched it yet?
        I gave up on The Journey because the site no longer post up the eng subs and I believe after watching the fourth episode, I went straight to the ending of Journey 2…was disappointing… but that is just me….

        I watched Long for you because the poster kinda reminds me to watch it…also it reminded me of a novel online—>also made me read the manga. Have to say Manga and the tv series are sooo different!! Anyways, they wasted the Ep 21… should have continued where it ended and perhaps tells us how she was alive again, after her organs had shut down for one year!! That got me confused! I feel sorry Li Zhe, he was my favourite!! So handsome lol

        • Oh thanks for the heads up! Maybe I’ll watch a few more episodes first before deciding if I should do recaps or not lol, I don’t want to start a project and end up dropping it 😛

          I only watched the first episode of Journey of the Flower (didn’t really like it), so I never got to see much of Ma Ke, even though I know he’s a fan favorite! And I read some recaps for the drama. He actually reminds me of TW actor Chris Wu (吳慷仁)

          As for Long For You, I actually have so many questions! I love the drama and the characters, but I felt they could have elaborated more. lol, I still want to know about Xue Ji’s relationship with the billionaire!

          And as for why she didn’t die, I guess like Xue Ji had said everyone is different. Maybe her health wasn’t as bad as Yu Han or perhaps death is still around the corner for Xue Ji. I don’t know, I didn’t really mind the ending either way since the drama already entertained me for 20 episodes. I was a happy drama addict haha

          Li Zhe was totally my favorite character as well! I never had second lead syndrome as badly as this before! I wish they’d do a spinoff with him as the male lead… let me see him fall in love with someone who actually reciprocates this time!! 😭

          • Lainey

            I truly understands and agree with you on both statements… though I can’t see the resemblance to Kris Wu since I don’t watch a lot of his show aside one or two movie and that funny show…Happy Camp?
            I would recommend you to watch Journey of Flower, yes, it is slow but after the first 5-7 episodes it gets really interesting! I think that is when Ma Ke appear in most of the show…constant prescence.

            I wanted to watch Hot Bodyguard but I can’t find any subs nor video for it. No eng subs or recaps makes it harder! Lol 😂 I’m really a drama addict too, so no worries!! Li Zhi should get his happy ending!!!

          • Oh no I don’t mean Kris Wu Yifan! I think Ma Ke resembles Taiwanese actor Chris Wu Kangren: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/654f665b64655d0291937f0e53531590538b5cd42cd415796952302de312ede8.jpg

            I might give Journey of the Flower another try then since you recommend it! hehe

            And I watched two episodes of Hot Girl cause I really like Dilraba, but the story was kinda cheesy. She and Ma Ke looked great together though! 😆

  • Gelorin

    Thank you so much for the recapssss! I’ve been searching like crazy for the whole episodes with eng subs and I’m lucky I found yours! I felt like I’ve watched the whole episodes now! THANK YOU!

  • Nabila Anggun

    Wahhhh really really thank you for the recaps. But can you make the subtitle please???? i want to make it but i don’t know Chinese