[Drama Masterpost] Long For You 我与你的光年距离 (2017)

Long For You 我与你的光年距离

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Long For You Recaps

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Number of Episodes: 20 + Bonus Scene

Original Release: February 14th, 2017 – March 21st, 2017


Liu Xue Ji has lived for a thousand years, watching her family and friends pass away one after the other. Yet, she continues to walk the earth in the hopes of meeting her husband Lai En Shan again, and that wish finally comes true when she finds Gu Shi Yi,  who shares the same face as the man she loves. Xue Ji does everything in her ability to win his heart and make him remember her. But, trouble arises when Xue Ji’s half-sister, the ever jealous Lin Bei La, suddenly reappear and is determined to destroy everything Xue Ji holds dear to her…

Main Cast & Characters

Zhou Yutong as Li Xue Ji / Liu Xue Ji
Liu Xue Ji is an immortal, who should have died a thousand years ago, but was unexpectedly saved by an unknown stranger. After that incident, her body was frozen in time and she never aged a day ever again. Over the centuries she had used many different identities. In 2017, she takes on the last name of a billionaire who knows her secret and become his adopted daughter. He leaves her with a big inheritance after his death. With her newfound wealth, Xue Ji says goodbye to the island she has lived at for the past 18 years and return to China.

Song Weilong as Gu Shi Yi / Lai En Shan
Gu Shi Yi is a young aspiring singer who is set to debut in a three member boy band in China. His face is identical to Lai En Shan, and he has fragmented dreams about Xue Ji. But, he is skeptical when she claims to be his wife.

Riley Wang Yilun as Li Zhe
Li Zhe is also the adopted son of Li Shi Zong, with a terribly tragic past. He is an intelligent and capable businessman who befriends Xue Ji and falls in love with her, becoming her protector through thick and thin.

Wang Xudong as Chun Shan
Chun Shan is an easygoing architect who has decided to start his life anew. He met Xue Ji on the island when he had attempted to kill himself but was ultimately saved by her instead and they became best friends. When he returns to China, he stays as Xue Ji’s house.

Gao Xi’er as Jiang Huai
Jiang Huai is a poor hardworking girl who dreams of becoming a script writer. She puts herself through college while working multiple jobs to make ends meet. She is friends with Gu Shi Yi and later becomes Xue Ji’s housekeeper.

Zhang Nan as Lin Bei La / Liu Yu Han
Liu Yu Han is Xue Ji’s half sister who escaped death a thousand years ago when she drank Xue Ji’s blood. In 2017, she uses the alias of Lin Bei La and is a shareholder at Yin Hua Entertainment, the company that Gu Shi Yi is under. She is bitter and jealous when she sees the two of them together. So, she does everything in her power to make Xue Ji’s life miserable, vowing to repeat the events of a thousand years ago.

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