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[Variety Recap] Happy Camp 快乐大本营2017/04/29: Divas Hit the Road Special (Jing Boran, Bolin Chen, Tony Yang, Maggie Jiang, Guli Nazha, Lai Yumeng, and Song Zhu’er)

The cast of Divas Hit the Road (花儿与少年3) were guests on this week’s Happy Camp (快乐大本营). Everyone was present except for Zhang Ruoyun. Due to scheduling conflicts, he couldn’t make it for the recording (and this is your cue to cry with me now lol). He’s my fave from the show so I was a little disappointed that he wasn’t around. But, I know we’ll get more of his sass in tomorrow’s episode of Divas Hit the Road though, so I’m not too sad (or at least that’s what I tell myself) 😛

Happy Camp 2017/04/29 Recap

After the opening performance, the girls are invited onto the stage and they bicker for a little while over who’s the prettiest. Then they talk about their trip and recall how Nazha was absolutely obsessed with spraying on sun screen. She sprayed it so often that Maggie and Zhu’er didn’t have to reapply any throughout the day, they just had to stand behind Nazha to catch some of the mist lol, Nazha is also extremely scared of bugs so she had to cover herself from head to toe every night before going to bed.

To prove her point, Maggie shows the audience a hilarious picture of Nazha from the scrapbook she created, and Nazha says she didn’t have a choice because there were bugs all over the house. As for something funny about Maggie, Nazha shares that she calculated their expenses everyday but would always get the total wrong and Zhu’er says that by the end of the trip Maggie wouldn’t let them buy anything anymore. When she wanted to get Cola and some chips Maggie stopped her and said it was too fattening.

Next up, we are introduced to the three tour guides for the day. JBR, Bolin, and Tony appear on the stage looking handsome as always, but Maggie tells everyone that they usually don’t look this good. JBR notes that she normally doesn’t look like this either (haha)

They greet the audience before taking a seat in the middle of the stage. They have brought three pictures with them and everyone has to pick one to write a caption for.

JBR receives 4 submissions, Tony has 5, and poor Bolin doesn’t get any (probably because his picture isn’t as… unique as the other guys, which makes it harder to caption? lol). But, Na Na writes one in the end to get some laughs.

Boran’s Photo

Cracked handsome (so handsome that he cracked the mirror) – He Jiong

Handsome for no longer than 3 seconds (every time he appears, he looks super handsome but that image doesn’t last very long) – Maggie

Please embrace my big face – Haitao

I have eight layers of skin (meaning he is thick skinned and shameless) – Na Na

Even though there may be many difficulties, my original intention remains the same – JBR

Tony’s Photo

Wow, so many pretty girls (when the picture was taken, there were a lot of beautiful women around and he was drooling) – Na Zha

Dinner is served (Tony always had an excited open mouth expression before every meal) – Zhu’er

Come! Strip me and eat me now – Yumeng

As long as you’re happy, I’m willing to do anything for you (Tony is dressed up as a clown and it feels like he is sacrificing himself to make people laugh) – Weijia

You understand the flexibility of short legs (Tony’s legs looks especially short in those pants) – Wuxin

I am in love with my three-year-old mentality – Tony

Bolin’s Photo

I am born in the year of the dog – Na Na

Was it I, who entered your life or was it you, who accompanied me on my journey? – Bolin

And after seeing Bolin’s beautiful caption they all agree that Weijia’s caption should be moved from Tony’s photo over to Bolin’s because it’s a better match.

Next, everyone selects their tour guide for the day by lining up behind them and this is the result: Tony – Yumeng, Nazha, Haitao, Wuxin, Maggie; Bolin –  Zhu’er, Wei Jia; JBR – He Jiong, Na Na

Only four people are allowed per team though. So, Tony decides first of all to keep Haitao because there might be games that require some strength and then he picks Nazha, because they’ve developed a good bond during the trip.

Before Tony gets the chance to pick the other girls over her though, Maggie makes the decision to join JBR’s team instead and Yumeng follows suit by joining Bolin’s team. So, Wuxin is the only one left for Tony’s team.

The first game they play is a clapping game called “Please Copy Me.” Everyone has to come up with a different nickname for each round. To play, they have to follow the rhythm and motions without messing up (when they point their thumb to the right, the player has to say his own nickname and then he has to call out someone else’s nickname when they point to the left). The player who is called will then have to answer and the game continues until someone messes up (either they don’t answer in time or they fail to call on someone else).

Nicknames for the first round:
Wuxin – one’s spirit
Maggie – elegance
Tony – swim trunks
Na Na – running shoes
Bolin – passport
Nazha – spray bottle
JBR – wallet
Zhu’er – teddy bear
Yumeng – chili sauce

Interesting tidbits:
– Maggie lost her eyebrow pencil  on the trip and no one else had brought one, so she ended up going out with only half an eyebrow
– Tony had planned to buy swim trunks in Beijing but he didn’t have the time to go shopping. So, he had to borrow JBR’s
– Zhu’er has to sleep with her teddy bear and sniff it every night. But, she only brought a small backpack for the trip, so Tony and Bolin had to carry it in their bags for her. Tony said his jacket was also in his backpack, so it ended up smelling like her bear, while Zhu’er complains that the guys had put her precious bear next to their socks

Nicknames for the second round:
Wei Jia – Bing Bing
Maggie – He He
Tony – Biu Biu
He Jiong – Gao Gao (Tall)
Bolin – Ye Ye (Yeah Yeah)
Nazha – Zha Zha (she initially wanted to use pst pst, the sound of a spray bottle lol)
JBR – Bao Bao (baby/darling)
Zhu’er – Pang Pang (chubby)
Haitao – Qin Qin (kiss kiss)

JBR’s white team wins the game. So, they roll the dice and move up on the game board.

The next game they play is a song guessing game. Each team sends out two players who have their legs tied together and they have to race fight to name the song.

In the first round, Bolin and Weijia wins the most points for the red team, but in the following round Zhu’er and Yumeng loses terribly to JBR and He Jiong.

The last song that plays is ‘Happy Birthday.’ They had planned a surprise for He Jiong because his birthday is coming up on April 28th and they know this episode will air on April 29th. Na Na jokes that the golden lotus on the cake must be Ye Hua from Eternal Love (lol)

He Jiong is touched by the gesture and thanks everyone for celebrating his birthday with him. He knows that he cries every year, and he is teary-eyed today too. But, he can’t help it because as he gets older, he realizes how important it is to cherish these special moments. And he believes that people’s expectations of him have grown as well. So, he hopes he will continue to improve in the future.

For the final game, three players (one from each team) are tied together at the waist and have to race to put on a pair of socks.

Yumeng wins the first round for the red team.

Wuxin complains that her spot is too dark and it’s further away than the other two girls who are going in the same direction. But, Haitao announces that he will win the next round for them, and he requests for He Jiong and Weijia to be his competitors.

In a surprising turn of events though, He Jiong gets all three socks on his foot before the overly confident Haitao and wins the second round for the white team.

Then in the final round, Tony/Nazha wins over JBR/Maggie and Bolin/Zhu’er

All three teams are given the chance to roll the pair of dice. But, the white team still ends up with the highest score, so JBR wins the title of ‘Best Tour Guide’ and their team is rewarded while everyone else gets punished.

JBR, Maggie, He Jiong, and Na Na get to look cool in the group photo, while the other eight losers have to make ugly faces. The funniest part though is when Nazha says she doesn’t know how to look ugly (haha so true)!

After taking the picture, they say goodbye and remind everyone to tune in tomorrow at 10:00PM to watch the 2nd episode of Divas Hit the Road!


From this episode of Happy Camp, you can tell that everyone became pretty close after their trip together! It’s definitely a good sign and makes me excited for more 😀

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  • Thao Nguyen

    Saw photo on weibo, and it seems Zhang Ruoyun will be making an appearance on the 5/20 airing of Happy Camp

    • Oh thanks for the info! I’ll definitely check it out 😄