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[Movie News] Reset 逆时营救 releases another action-packed trailer!

A new trailer was released today for Yang Mi and Wallace Huo’s sci-fi movie Reset (逆时营救)! I have subbed and added it to Two C-ents Youtube channel. Watch it below and check out the first trailer if you haven’t already yet! Yang Mi also shared the video on her weibo account with the caption, “They said: this is a story where Ye Hua isn’t home, and Jian Hua [Wallace Huo] comes to steal our child ” (LOL, my thoughts exactly!)



  • Evil_fan

    This looks good. Thanks for the sub!

    • I think so too! It seems like it’ll be an exciting movie, I can’t wait to see it!

  • JoyBells

    Looks interesting!

    Like Yang Mi still not over “Eternal Love” fever. 😀