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[Variety Recap] Divas Hit the Road 花儿与少年3 – Episode 2: a lesson on counting pennies

In this episode, the members attempt to budget their expenses while keeping their tummies filled. But, they soon discover it’s easier said than done…

Episode 2

The episode opens with Bolin asking if there’s a charger around here and the camera man zooms in on a bug. It was on Bolin’s back a moment ago and he tells Fifi not to go near it or she might get bitten.

As he sits down, the interviewer asks if he regrets coming here. Bolin says he doesn’t regret it, but he also didn’t expect the producers to be this cruel and jokes that it’s good he’s the one who came. If it was JBR it’d be over for him.

The interviewer wants to know what his first thoughts were when he found out he was exiled. Bolin thought he’d be going on a trip on his own and it’d be fun, but then Fifi showed up and he’s thankful to have her as a companion. So, he’s going to take good care of her.

Does he have enough money? He says it all depends on your lifestyle and how you decide to spend it (in other words he will survive even though the production team was cheap lol)

Did he shower today? He did, a cold shower because they don’t have hot water here and he tells the interviewer if he wanted hot water he’d need to burn some coal.

Is there anything he wants to say to his members? “Yeah, you guys have fun! I’ll be back soon,” Bolin says with a helpless smile. He has 7 more days here!

And episode 2 officially begins…

We are brought back to day one (the first episode ended with Bolin falling asleep, but they didn’t show what the other members did that day, so we get to see it now)!

It’s 4PM and the girls are showering, while the guys find an “adventure handbook” on the coffee table. They pick it up curiously. Tony reads that they have to participate in a parade and enter a samba dancing competition which will be broadcast worldwide.

The show then explains that the adventure handbook contains recommended activities for the members. But, they get to decide which ones they want to do and when they want to do them (or so they say lol).

They guys are frowning as Tony asks if it means they have to ride on a float. Yes indeed, and they will be the first group of Chinese celebrities to do this! The Rio Carnival is a celebration of the annual Brazilian Festival and it is the biggest carnival in the world. The members of Divas Hit the Road have 3 days to prepare for this big event.

JBR calls everyone for an emergency meeting. He tells them the itinerary for tomorrow is in this handbook, and he believes they won’t able to escape from dancing classes or something of that sort. So, that’s probably what they’ll be doing for the next few days. Maggie reads the book and Tony tells them that according to the producers, no Chinese celebrity has done this before. They think it should be fun, but Zhu’er doesn’t want to dance the samba, because she can’t do sexy. She much rather perform kungfu instead (haha that’s totally me), Maggie tells her not to worry though. No one will care how badly they dance!

As Zhu’er continues to whine, JBR orders her to stop. He needs to tell them about transportation first. While they were on the plane he met a very friendly Chinese woman who gave him her number and said he could contact her anytime if they had trouble. JBR didn’t expect to bother Ms. Zhang so soon but, right after they arrived at the house he needed assistance. So, he called her and she connected him with a Mr. Li. They need a car for four days and JBR asked if Mr. Li could give them a discount.

Unfortunately, because the carnival is coming up, the price of booking a car with a driver for a day has gone up as well. If they wanted to get a car for 10 hours it would cost them 780R$ and they still need to account for other expenses. So, this price is a bit high for their budget. Maggie asks if they can get a better deal, they currently have 4360R$. If they rent a car for 3 days, that would be about half of their money.

Maggie wonders if they can rent a car and just drive it themselves. But, JBR says they don’t know where to go and Tony says they have no map. Zhu’er suggests taking the bus but Maggie shoots down that idea. She thinks it’d be too risky. With no other option, they reconsider the car with a driver, but then again it would leave them with only 2340R$. Nazha yawns, JBR seems to have a headache, and Zhu’er is hungry.

After a moment JBR is back in leader mode and assures everyone that based on his experience, the money provided by the show should be enough. So, they shouldn’t stress themselves out. What they’ll do now is go grab some groceries, eat a good meal, and then coolly book their car when they come back. Tony agrees and Nazha innocently asks what it is that they’re worrying about exactly. Everyone laughs and JBR tells her she doesn’t have to worry she can stay in her happy little world.

Maggie reads from the handbook that after a long flight, they might experience these symptoms: tired limbs, soulless eyes, and a decrease in intelligence, which all seems to describe Nazha’s current condition (lol)

They’re going to head out soon, but they eye the beverages across the room. Everyone is thirsty and in need of a drink. JBR decides they can afford some bottled water, it’s only 2R$ per bottle. But, Maggie and Zhu’er feel it’s a waste of money. So, Zhu’er shares a bottle with Yumeng, while Maggie shares with Nazha. Tony watches them with a guilty look on his face as he continues chugging his precious bottle of water (haha he’s adorable)

The members then head out to explore the neighborhood. Maggie is jealous of the production team who has cars. She asks them to give them a ride but no one answers. Halfway down the street the girls see some people who groceries. They wonder if they speak English, but the tourists shake their heads and Zhu’er is stressed out. She hates the language barrier.

Ruoyun also agrees that language is a big problem. He admits their English isn’t the best, but with JBR, Maggie, Tony, and Ruoyun combined they should be able to manage in other English speaking countries. But, here in Brazil where the official language is Portuguese, it’s definitely a challenge for them.

They finally find the supermarket and Tony suggest making pasta, he can make avocado sauce and Ruoyun says he knows how to make spaghetti (so we have some chefs this season! lol). But, they can’t figure out what kind of meat is being sold, so Ruoyun uses English and some body language to ask another shopper. The man tells him it is turkey. Got it, problem solved!

The girls want instant ramen and other snacks, to which Maggie responds with a “no” while JBR lets them get everything they want (lol, they honestly look like an old married couple with their daughters). At checkout, Maggie inspects the cart and removes all the items they don’t need. She also jokingly scolds JBR for being a terrible father. He’s acting like the good guy while she has to be the bad person here.

After shopping, they sit down at a restaurant for dinner (I think they’re too tired to cook). Maggie is distressed that they’re using even more money though and JBR tells everyone that after this meal they’ll have to restrain themselves from now on.

A waiter brings over a menu in a language they can’t understand. Ruoyun asks if there is an English menu available, but they don’t. So, Ruoyun and Maggie decide to observe what other people are eating, while JBR is furrowing his eyebrows as he reads the text messages from Mr. Li. They don’t have any Chinese drivers, but he will try his best to find one for them who can speak English.

After checking around the restaurant, Maggie orders 2 dishes for 7 people (LOL). Tony wonders if that’s enough, the table next to them only has 2 people and they’re eating 3 dishes… But, Maggie tells him it’s late. They shouldn’t eat so much before bed and they bought bread at the supermarket. This is enough. Tony can only smile at her logic and everyone else drinks more cola to fill their stomachs.

Their food arrive a little later and only then does JBR realize what happened, he had been so focused on texting that he didn’t know Maggie only ordered 2 menu items. Everyone takes a single piece of meat and poke at their empty plates.

JBR quietly speaks with Maggie. Since today is the first day, team morale is important. He feels they can order a little more for this first meal and then cut back tomorrow. Maggie finds it reasonable, so together they go and order more food.

In total they spent 874R$ today (ride from the airport, groceries, and dinner). They have 3726R$ remaining.

As the group leaves the restaurant, they stop by an empty table. There’s still a full plate of food left by the crew… So, they grab some fries and shove it in their mouths (HAHA), Nazha is in utter shock while JBR and Tony act as if eating someone’s leftovers is the most natural thing to do! 😆

Back at the house JBR calls Mr. Li to book the car, but as JBR is asking if the driver can speak English the call is suddenly disconnected (uh-oh…)

JBR explains though that Mr. Li had been at work this entire time, yet he had kindly responded to all of his questions throughout the day. Now, they just have to be patient and wait for Mr. Li to get back to them because it really isn’t easy to book a car during this busy season and on top of that they want a driver who can speak English as well.

After having taken a look around tonight though, Ruoyun feel the roads aren’t too difficult to navigate so they can probably get around without a driver. But, JBR disagrees. They definitely need a car and a driver no matter what, or else they’ll be in big trouble tomorrow.

In a private interview, Ruoyun shares he isn’t worried about the car. If it arrives in the morning, great. But, if it doesn’t show up, fine. It won’t be the end of the world. If worst comes to worst, they’d hitchhike. However, he supposes JBR probably feels differently because he’s the tour guide and he’s responsible for everyone here.

While JBR is going crazy over the car, Maggie is busy counting their money, and everyone else gets ready for bed.

At 11:37PM JBR gets a confirmation for the car and he can finally relax!

The night goes by and it’s 6AM in the morning when the staff comes for Bolin. He says he’s freezing and he had to hug Fifi to keep warm, she’s shaking too. Bolin’s worried she’ll catch a cold.

He carefully sets her on the ground and then goes to wash up. When he’s done, the sun had come out and it’s much warmer now. Bolin packs up, feeds Fifi, and goes to check out. The campsite had cost 160N$. So, he currently has 1170N$.

Bolin asks about breakfast but there is none, so he leaves with Fifi. His next destination is the Harnas Wildlife Foundation center about 300km away.

Over in Rio, Tony is cooking for himself. He says no one woke up for breakfast, so he’s going to make them regret it. They’ll wish they had woken up in time for the most important meal of the day! As he’s grumbling though, Ruoyun and JBR are getting dressed. Zhu’er and Yumeng walk into the kitchen to help Tony.

Up in Maggie and Nazha’s room they’re fighting over outfits, because they both want to be the one to look the best today. Nazha even has a folder containing photos of herself dressed in the clothes she had packed. Maggie looks through it though and concludes Nazha’s clothes aren’t as good as hers, so she’ll still be the cutest one (haha)!

Ruoyun happily eats his breakfast and compliments Tony for being his good “sister-in-law”. JBR laughs while Tony washes the dishes.

When they leave the house, the van is waiting for them outside. Zhu’er asks “Yang Mama” if there’s room for her bag in the seat next to him. Maggie chuckles at Tony’s new nickname and Ruoyun informs her she has one too! She’s “Aunty Jiang Jiang”

As they enter a tunnel, JBR tells them about what they’ll be doing today. After dance practice they’ll go to a beach in the afternoon and they can take a look at the Escadaria Selarón aka the Selaron Steps which are famous in Rio. But, Ruoyun and Zhu’er don’t want to go to the steps; they think it’ll be boring.

The girls then make fun of Maggie for her sock like shoes and Nazha asks if she’s going to wear those on the beach later in her swimsuit. Maggie didn’t bring flip flops so she’ll probably have to go barefoot but Nazha tells her she must never take off those shoes because it’s totally her style. Everyone laughs and JBR thinks Maggie will probably get back at Nazha by pushing her into the water later and Tony says he’s suddenly looking forward to going to the beach (these naughty boys lol).

Back with Bolin, he’s arrives at a gas station to fill up the tank and buys a hotdog to eat, spending a total of 356N$. He now has 814N$. After eating and taking a short break, they head back onto the road again. They’re still 3 hours away.

A dance instructor named Matheus greets the members. They take a look at the float they’ll be on and are told that they will start learning Samba tomorrow. Today they’ll watch a video of previous carnivals and then try on some costumes. Everyone seems to feel better after seeing how free and fun the atmosphere will be on the day of the carnival so they don’t have to worry about perfecting their dance moves. But, since Nazha is a dancer she hopes she will be able to show off her skills on the big day.

The guys ask Nazha to dance a little for them to see, and she agrees on the condition that Ruoyun will mimic her moves once she’s done. Playful Ruoyun of course doesn’t mind. So, Nazha gets up to dance and soon all three guys follows suit, resulting in a hilarious dance competition.

When they sit back down Nazha warns everyone in advance that she might faint at some point because she has low blood sugar. Hearing that, Maggie and JBR immediately claim they have the same heath condition. But, Ruoyun ignores them both and says Nazha is the only one they’ll worry about.

Matheus enters the room and announce they will only need 3 girls and 3 guys. Tony asks for clarification because they currently have 4 girls in their group and they don’t want to leave anyone out. But, Matheus says that’s just the way it’ll have to be because they only need 6 people. Whoever is left out will get a ticket to the event though and can watch them perform. Tony translates the conversation for everyone and JBR can only ask if there’s anyone who doesn’t want to dance, like him who wouldn’t mind giving up his spot but Matheus needs 3 guys. None of the girls offer to drop out though, so JBR suggest they try on costumes first, maybe they can decide after that…

The guys put on their hilarious costumes and Nazha also tries on a pink outfit. Since there are only 2 costumes left, Maggie decides the younger girls can dance. But, Zhu’er offers to drop out as well. Everyone tries to convince her to stay though and Maggie asks why they only care about Zhu’er. They didn’t say anything when she said she was dropping out, they’re so biased (lol)!

However, Zhu’er insists. She’s still young; there are still plenty of opportunities in the future for her to participate in the carnival. And when the final yellow costume is brought out, Tony agrees it suits Maggie more than Zhu’er. Maggie enters the fitting room with dread.

She tries it on, but she refuses to come out. Zhu’er solemnly tells Matheus the costume doesn’t fit Maggie, you can see her underwear. So, Maggie changes out of the costume and they leave the school. They’ll come back tomorrow for dance lessons.

Bolin is still driving with Fifi, but he stops to give her some water and jerky to eat. Because he’s worried she might have car sickness, he also gives her the medicine her owner had prepared. In the interview, Bolin seems pretty happy with the trip so far, and he’s glad he won’t be getting any help because he wants to test his limits.

They arrive at the Harnas Wildlife Foundation. The price of the campsite per night is 270N$ (not including breakfast or lunch). Bolin will be staying two days so another 540N$ is gone. He has 274N$ remaining, which means he has a problem now. Bolin regrets not exchanging more local currency at the airport.

As he feeds Fifi, he suddenly remembers his ramen and begins searching his bags for them. But, they’re nowhere to be found. He gives up and washes his clothes instead.

The members arrive at a restaurant for lunch. Ruoyun wants to check the prices first but Tony tells him that’s unnecessary, they’ve decided to look cool for this meal. So, they head straight in for a table.

The first thing Ruoyun does after sitting down though is flip through the menu. Luckily, it’s not as expensive as he had thought. Ruoyun says that when they were outside he was too scared to even step into the fancy looking place.

Lunch quickly arrives and everyone approves of the quality of the food.

While the members are enjoying their delicious meal, Bolin is starving and Fifi is dying from the heat. At 4PM, Bolin goes on a lion tour and leaves Fifi with one of the park rangers.

After seeing the lions close up and learning about them, Bolin says to the camera, “Namibia is a very beautiful place, it really is worth coming here,”

The members arrive at the beach and take a selfie. Tony says whoever he catches first after he finishes screaming “Divas Hit the Road” will be thrown into the water. So, everyone runs for their life, but they soon get tired and Tony ends up being the only one who’s running around like an idiot (haha).

Since that’s no fun, he suggests walking along the shore to get their feet wet. The girls immediately come up with the evil plan of throwing JBR into the water. But, they leave the dirty work to the guys and watch in joy as JBR gets soaked.

Once their task is done, Tony takes off his shirt to show off his abs go for a swim.

JBR and Ruoyun want to learn how to surf, so they accept the 15R$ per person lesson fee. But, for the longest time they can’t even lie on the board without falling into the water…

Seeing them failing miserably, Tony grabs a surf board to embarrass them further show them how it’s done. And he wins the cheers of all the ladies (including me! haha)

JBR decides surfing is too hard and wants to try standup paddleboarding instead. Maggie teases him for wasting their money on all these lessons, what kind of tour guide is he? But, he’s determined to do this, so everyone gives him their encouragement.

Coming to a stop, the park ranger suddenly presents to Bolin a large plate of food that they had specially prepared for him. He’s so happy to be finally fed that he can’t stop smiling.

As the sun is setting, Bolin shares through voiceover that once he starts something he will give it his 100% and he always thought having a smart brain would be enough to solve all problems. But, today he realized that body strength and willpower are equally important. Whether it’s your emotions, worries, or fears you have to face them all with honesty. Only then can you honestly face other people.

JBR returns to shore and Zhu’er wants to try. But, then she learns that paddleboarding costs 60R$ and the surfing from earlier was 15R$ per person. The girls teasingly lecture the guys for wasting their money and tour guide JBR is speechless, but Tony tells them they agreed to have fun today, so the girls need to go play right now! Maggie laughs and concludes she has absolutely no authority over these men.

The guys are thirsty too, so JBR asks Maggie for money to buy something to drink. But, Maggie continues to nag, so he naughtily grabs the money bag and runs off at the speed of light.

However, the guys feel bad the moment they buy their bottled waters (2 for 10R$), they really did spend a lot of money today. Ruoyun says he realizes now that there is only a thin line between happiness and sadness. A moment ago, they were having the time of their lives but as soon as they crossed the street to buy water, the mood changed and they even started worrying if a quick rinse in the shower will cost money too.

When they return to the beach, JBR gives the money back to Maggie and she starts paying for all their surfing fees. Tony introduces her as his mom (LOL) and Ruoyun thanks Mommy Jiang as well.

They spent a total of 290R$ in the afternoon (lunch, surfing lessons, and bottled water). So, they currently have 3436R$.

And the members are invited to try the large standup paddle board for free. So everyone goes out to play except for JBR who says it’s too cold and watches from the beach.

In voiceover, Tony and Zhu’er share that they loved the experience of working together as a team for the first time and JBR was also touched to see everyone having so much fun.

Bolin sets up his tent for the night. His ladder has been fixed, so he can actually get up there without breaking any bones. It’s been a long day and Bolin is happy with all the things he had accomplished.

The girls are cleaning up their room and Tony knocks on the door with a blatant product placement, making them all laugh. He tells them to use this Pantene conditioner to replenish their hair since they were in the water and out in the sun for so long today (lol)

Then he returns to the kitchen to cook dinner with Ruoyun. Nazha is very impressed with Tony. He can surf and he can cook! It’s like he knows how to do everything! (*cough* Hear that Zhang Han? *cough*)

When it’s time to set the table, the guys grab various priced items from around the house (such as red wine and fruit) to tease Maggie. But, she rejects them all because they can’t afford it. And during his interview, Tony admits that while they make fun of Maggie a lot, he truly feels she’s doing an amazing job of managing their expenses (I think so too)!

As they eat their dinner, everyone grimaces when they taste how bitter the avocado pasta is. The fruit wasn’t ripe yet. But, they have a good laugh at Tony’s expense (since he made the dish) and he vows that his friendship with avocados is now over! [End of Episode]


Okay, I really like the cast! I think they work well together and their interactions are just hilarious to watch. It almost feels like they’re old friends by how comfortable they are around each other, and I think that definitely has to do with their closeness in age. It’s certainly easier to be yourself when there’s no authority figure around, don’t you think so?

Also, in episode 2 we start to get a better feel for everyone’s personalities. Surprisingly, the girls are way more responsible with their budget than the guys. I thought JBR would be a little stricter with their expenses, but he turned out to be super easygoing and lenient. The same goes for Tony and Ruoyun, who couldn’t control themselves when it came to water sports.

I honestly felt bad for Maggie though. She was trying really hard to help them save money, but the guys were so uncooperative. It makes me wish that they’d take turns managing the budget, so they’d know how important and difficult of a task it was. But, at least Ruoyun expressed his guilt and Tony did say he was thankful for having Maggie around to keep them in check. So, I don’t think the guys will behave as rashly from now on, especially when their budget has significantly decreased after spending only two days in Rio.

And as someone who has planned and acted as a tour guide for our family vacation last summer, I totally understand why JBR was worried about the car. So, I was a little annoyed when Ruoyun said it wasn’t important. I still love the boy to pieces, but it seems like there is still much for him to learn when it comes to traveling in a group (it’s obvious he’s used to going solo). I mean… does he truly think all 7 of them can easily hitch a ride together? lol

As for Bolin, I’m so proud of him, and the members were right. He really can take care of himself! I definitely feel this is a good experience for him; it’s like a journey of self-discovery. And it’s cute seeing how close he has become with little Fifi!

The only member who has yet to leave a real impression is Yumeng (and this was the only screencap I could get of her)! She seems to be rather quiet and shy compared to the other cast members. I’d like to see her break out of her shell, but I don’t know if that’s something we’ll see in this season of Divas Hit the Road since her personality seems to be quite similar to mine… and it takes a long time for me to warm up to people haha

Anyway, thank you so much for commenting on last week’s recap! It was so much fun talking to you guys! Please, please, please let’s keep the discussion going for the entire season okay? Or at least drop a ‘hello’ to let me know you’re reading my recaps? haha, I know I know… I’m being greedy now, but having readers are honestly what makes the recapping experience worthwhile or I might as well just talk to a wall instead of spending hours on this! 😛

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  • emiie

    Hi! Thanks so much for the recap. I really appreciate and enjoy them and really need them since I don’t know Chinese. I also enjoy getting your thoughts on the show as well. I love your insights. I watch it raw and then I wait for you to recap to understand what is going on. Can I say I love Bolin, he is so cool and Tony I need him on my next trip and lol with the avocado pasta. I was watching this raw and I couldn’t understand everybody’s expressions. I thought perhaps he put something spicy but unripe avocados, hahahaha. I’m enjoying everybody’s interaction here. There is certainly no divas here. I laughed so hard when Boran and Tony was eating the leftovers. This was a great episode. Thank you!!!

    • You’re very welcome emiie and thank you for coming back! haha, I love this show and it’s so much fun hearing what everyone else thinks. And I apologize for the slight error in my recap! As skimmedmilkdrama mentioned, the boys were eating the production staff’s leftovers and not a total strangers. I meant to change that in my draft but I completely forgot about it! I’m so sorry, I promise to triple check before publishing next time! lol

      And, yes Bolin is amazing! I thought his parts would be boring to watch since he’s all alone, but I’m actually enjoying the contrast of these two very different trips. We get to see the fun chatty bunch and then relax a little with Bolin, Fifi and Mother Nature! It’s a great balance haha

      As for Tony, he is definitely stealing hearts and making the ladies swoon, I can see why he’s quickly becoming everyone’s favorite!! 😍

  • I enjoyed this episode as well! It was so much fun looking at them have fun. Just to clarify, they weren’t eating “random stranger’s leftovers”, those food belonged to the production team and the cast knew.

    • Sorry, I forgot to edit that… Thank you for pointing it out! I realized they mentioned the crew when I was watching the show the second time around for the screencaps, but it was 2AM when I posted this and my brain wasn’t functioning properly 😓

  • mentalgt

    Thank you so much for the recaps!!! WHO NEED ENGLISH SUBTITLE WHEN WE CAN HAVE GOOD RECAPS FROM WENWEN LOL i was literally crying when the ranger offered food to Bolin. Finally he get to eat 😭😭😭 oh yes and damn girl my eyes are on Tony now 😂😂😂😍😍😍

    • Aww thank you so much for the support and encouragement! I will try my best to post this week’s recap before Wednesday! ☺️

      haha yeah I was so happy Bolin finally got to eat! Seeing him hungry made me feel hungry as well! And I can’t wait for him join up with the other members, it should be very fun to watch! I bet Tony misses him too lol

  • Kharybeth

    I want to add my voice to those thanking you for the recaps! I tried watching the first episode when it came out but felt hopelessly lost since my Mandarin is in its infancy. It’s much easier to figure things out when you have an outline of what’s going on! So thank you! It’s fun seeing Zhang Ruoyun outside of Dr. Qin and Novoland.

    • Thank you for this sweet message! It made my day when I read it after my long flight lol, I’m really happy to know these recaps are useful!

      Are you also a Zhang Ruoyun fan? I haven’t watched Dr. Qin yet but I’m hoping to start it soon! 😄