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[Weibo Viral] Kris Wu making a $7 raincoat look like designer clothing

They say an outfit can make a man but in rare cases, it’s the man who makes an outfit. This is the case with Kris Wu and his $7 raincoat.

A blogger posted the following set of pictures with this caption:

Indeed, this is a generation that looks at faces……🙈

The post garnered 47,325 likes, 8980 comments and 6607 forwards.

Kris Wu was spotted wearing a raincoat while filming his variety show, 72 Floors of Mystery, and people just assumed it was a Burberry coat or some other luxury brand because of the way he looked wearing it.

The raincoat is available to buy for 49 yuan which is roughly $7.

They also posted a photoshopped picture of another person’s face on Kris’ body to show the contrast.

Here are some netizen reactions below:

[+5365] Hahaha, I’m convinced by Kris Wu’s aura

[+3946] Hahahahaha Kris Wu is really good looking

[+2752] Kris Wu is a walking coat hanger, wherever he walks becomes a fashion show

[+2245] This is a raincoat? When I was scrolling earlier I thought it was a designer coat, so stylish

[+2075] I’m so done with this one, so handsome!

[+1441] Kris Wu is so handsome, I was wondering what big designer’s coat this was

[+1255] I’m falling in love with Kris Wu…

[+1059] My Kris’ beauty

[+1046] I’ve become a fan of Kris Wu’s good looks, I have no regrets in life [laughcry] [laughcry] [laughcry]

[+886] Raincoat: I’m really not an expensive windbreaker!

[+731] This is a raincoat????? I saw this picture so many times today and thought it was a new style from a brand!!!

[+656] Little YueYue has fainted from crying in the bathroom
(t/n: Referring to Yue Yunpeng, the actor whom was photoshopped on Kris’ body)

[+604] I’m really convinced by Kris Wu’s good looks

[+605] Some of these clothes, it won’t look good on yourself. Then you find an excuse and say the clothes are ugly. Now, you exposed the truth. You just had to say it out loud. Now I can’t find an excuse to explain why it doesn’t look good on me and can only say I’m ugly.

[+390] No, other than his face, you also need Kris Wu’s figure and aura.

[+302] Kris Wu can’t find a rival when it comes to looks [二哈]

  • Indeed, gone are the days where clothes make a man. It’s now men making clothes!

  • Unspoken Demise

    Simple ways to make cheap clothes look expensive:
    Let Kris Wear the clothes!!