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[Variety Recap] Divas Hit the Road 花儿与少年3 – Episode 3: patience is a virtue

As the saying goes, patience is a virtue and all good things in life are worth waiting for. Today the members of Divas Hit the Road get to experience that firsthand as they wait… wait… wait and wait some more for the Rio Carnival to begin! 😆

Episode 3

The members head out at 4:20PM to rehearse for the festival. They plan to practice until 11:00PM. The show explains that the paved road the members will be performing on for the carnival is 700 meters long. They have 8 hours to prepare before they hit the stage, where 12 top samba schools will be dancing tonight as well. In 6 hours, over 70 thousand people will be in the audience for the big event.

They arrive backstage where 4,000 other participants are also getting ready. Zhu’er receives her ticket for the carnival (because she won’t be in the parade with the others) but she decides to stay with them until they go on stage.

Matheus tells them to wait for their costumes and the group discovers they’ll be changing their clothes in the open room with everyone else. Maggie says she was taken aback by the scene as she didn’t think it would be so crowded and stuffy.

Tony asks if they can get their makeup done before changing into their costumes since it’s so hot but Matheus tells them they have to change first. So, JBR suggests for everyone to go to the restroom to change once they get their costumes. Tony and Ruoyun’s clothes haven’t arrived yet though, so they continue to wait.

Ruoyun explains in voice over that because there were many people in the room, they felt restless and anxious as they waited in a state of confusion over what would happen next. The heat and the chaotic atmosphere were also driving him crazy. Ruoyun admits he almost wanted to back out of all of this.

And then the show rewinds to the day before the carnival…

JBR is boiling eggs at 7:00AM and reheating the spaghetti sauce from yesterday. Then he packs up for the picnic, which he had suggested to Maggie in the previous episode, as eating leftovers and the food they bought from the supermarket will save them some money.

JBR says being the tour guide is tiring for the heart and mind, because he is constantly thinking and planning ahead, while also worrying if he had forgotten something or if he’s not doing a good enough job (aww I think he’s doing great).

The members wake up one by one and everyone grabs an egg for breakfast. Tony puts a little bit of the sauce Ruoyun made yesterday onto a slice of bread to eat and says it tastes wonderful.

In the van JBR asks Maggie if they still have 1800R$ and she reports that they have exactly 1876R$. JBR thinks it should be enough, so if there is something anyone wants to eat in particular they can tell him. As long it’s within reason, he is okay with spending the money.

Zhu’er says she wants to eat Nazha’s lamb chops and JBR tells her she can eat it soon because he had secretly packed it in the trunk without Nazha’s permission. Nazha smiles and says he doesn’t need to ask for permission because she’s letting him take charge.

At 8:45AM, they arrive for their hang gliding session. The instructor tells them the weather is good today, so they’ll all be flying. But, they must first head up to the mountain where the launching location is at.

The girls look at the different hang gliders. Zhu’er thinks sitting would be better than hanging from a harness but the instructor reveals that’s what they’ll be doing today, flying like a bird.

Maggie tells Zhu’er with dread that her stomach hurts whenever she’s nervous and she’s starting to feel the pain already.

In the car, Tony asks if Maggie is anxious and she answers yes, very much so. Tony tells her he loves heights but, he’s a little nervous today as well. Maggie feels she’s about to cry soon.

Zhu’er worries the instructor next to her might drag them down or get them lost, but JBR assures her they’re all professionals, she’ll be fine.

They arrive at the top of the mountain where there is a platform for them to launch from. Maggie groans, but JBR tells her they aren’t that high up… (lol it looks pretty high to me). JBR asks Ruoyun if he’s scared and he says he isn’t.

Everyone gets strapped up and put on their helmets, while Maggie is frowning throughout the entire process. Ruoyun comes over and encourages her with a pat on the shoulder, “Good luck mommy, you are the best,” (he sounds so good when he speaks in English! I can listen to him talk all day haha) Maggie sighs, she’s the youngest mother to have a son like him.

The interviewer says Tony looks nervous and he’s surprised to hear that. He thinks Nazha is the one who’s worried here and she forces a smile in denial, “I’m not nervous, I’m not nervous at all,” So, supposedly neither of them are anxious right now (haha right…)

Yumeng is the first to go. Zhu’er cheers her on and Maggie wonders why Yumeng doesn’t look scared. Yumeng tells them it’s because she wants to go first and be the most courageous one. The girls laugh at her cute voice and Zhu’er mimics it as she says, “Mengmeng is the best!”

And off she goes, Maggie screams along with her and begins to cry. Everyone is tense after seeing Yumeng fly off the mountain like that. Zhu’er asks JBR how the instructors know when the wind is coming or not. But, he’s so out of it that he doesn’t answer (haha)

Ruoyun reminds the girls not to grab the horizontal bar when they take off, because the pilot uses it to control the hang glider and the direction of flight.

JBR is the next to go and he shakes as he admits he’s very nervous right now. Then Zhu’er, Nazha, Tony, and Ruoyun take off into the air.

Maggie sighs at her instructor who gives her a smile and tells her to relax. She whimpers as they near the edge and burst into tears as they soar into the sky. But, after a while she gets used to it and is actually smiling at the amazing experience.

Over with Bolin, he’s reading a book with Fifi lying on the ground near his feet when various animals begin to appear. At one point a cat even steals from Fifi’s bowl but Bolin is too preoccupied with studying his map to notice and he shushes Fifi, who is very well behaved and actually sits back down at the command (I know my dog wouldn’t do that lol)

The members prepare to land and everyone screams at the sudden increase in speed as they hit the beach.

Maggie shares she was laughing with tears and her nose was running the entire time she was up there. The interviewer asks if she wants to do it again and she says, “No!”

She joins Yumeng and JBR, while wondering if she looked really shameful just now when she landed and JBR honestly tells her she did look kind of embarrassing…

But, a moment later Tony lands on his knees, dragging down the instructor the same way Maggie did, and the members on the beach immediately tease him for it. JBR says Tony looked incredibly funny and Maggie calls him an embarrassment.

Tony laughs and tells them he missed the beach too much (thus he hugged it)! Yumeng thought he would have landed differently and he agrees, he also thought he’d land in a much cooler way (lol).

Everyone sits down for drinks and snacks. JBR says they will rest and eat a little here, and then they’ll find a good spot for their picnic where they can also see Sugarloaf Mountain.

As they set out in search of the perfect spot, the girls swoon as the three handsome guys (JBR, Tony, and Ruoyun) walk towards them like they’re filming a music video. JBR says they must find a good location that can match the elegance of Divas Hit the Road.

The show then introduces Sugarloaf Mountain which is a scenic location in Rio de Janeiro. It resembles the traditional shape of concentrated refined loaf sugar, thus the name.

Coming up to an open area, JBR decides this is it (since he probably doesn’t know where else to go). And the girls laugh, weren’t they in search of a place that was as elegant as they were? But, JBR replies that this matches their aura perfectly (lol), so they settle down and unpack their food.

JBR asks Maggie to go get some cups with him and she points out that he’s very attentive, much more considerate than she will ever be, even though she’s a woman.

They stop at a hotdog stand and decide to buy 3 of them for the group. Maggie initially wanted to get 4 hotdogs for 28R$ but JBR says he doesn’t need one. Then they ask for 7 cups and the man finally understands what they want after Maggie shows him the action of pouring and drinking water (it’s cute how JBR copies her motions with that blank look on his face hehe)

When they return to the group, everyone is already full, but they dig in anyway and share a toast for their nice little picnic. JBR knows this wasn’t exactly what everybody imagined, but Nazha feels this is great already and Maggie thinks it’s fine as long as they don’t look around, they just need to look at each other since they’re all so beautiful! Nazha teases that nobody wants to respond to her cold joke and Maggie laughs by herself.

A while later, Maggie is eating the cooked wiener when she notices the bun and condiments are missing. She wonders where it all went and Nazha tells her JBR is eating it.

Maggie laughs, their leader should really pay more attention to his image when he’s eating (haha but JBR looks so cute with his mouthful as he nods at them, I like this silly image)!

Nazha shares the first time she met Maggie was on the set of a drama, and after filming a scene together, she didn’t know what to say because they weren’t close at the time. Maggie chuckles that they played love rivals. In the drama Nazha was a celebrity and the ex-girlfriend to the guy who was dating Maggie’s character. So the scene went like this: when Nazha saw them together, her character thought Maggie’s looks were way below standards, so she asked the guy, “Did your taste change?” And the members go wild, while Maggie notes that everyone on set that day laughed their heads off too!

As they finish eating, Zhu’er decides she’ll go get some ice cream while they’re learning their dance routine, but Nazha says she wants to give Zhu’er the chance to participate in the parade instead, to which Zhu’er dryly replies, “I absolutely will not wear your costume,” (haha, same!)

And we cut to 6 hours before the show; there are holes in Nazha’s costume. Tony says she doesn’t look like a princess anymore. Nazha asks Tony to tell the makeup artist to please make her prettier today, but he evilly says he doesn’t know how to say that sentence in English.

Princess Nazha doesn’t give up though; she asks if the artist can make her skin appear lighter. Tony rejects that as well and Nazha watches the makeup artist with worry.

As the makeup artist finishes up, Tony observes to his amusement that Nazha had more distinct facial features before the heavy makeup but now it all seems to have flattened down… (lol such a meanie)

JBR, Maggie, and Yumeng arrive to wait in line to get their makeup done. There is only one artist. Tony praises JBR for looking like a handsome prince and Yumeng compliments Nazha for being beautiful.

Maggie can’t stand the heat so she goes back outside to wait, where it’s much cooler. Ruoyun is also having a difficult time enduring the heat in his costume inside the stuffy tent. Zhu’er watches him with concern; she feels someone is bound to get a heatstroke.

Nazha comes to find Zhu’er, she ask that she help her translate to the seamstress about fixing the hole in her costume. The woman agrees.

One by one the members get their makeup done and as Maggie is in the chair, JBR jokes that he doesn’t need makeup because he’s perfect. But, he agrees that Maggie on the other hand can definitely use some magic since she’s feeling pressured by the presence of Nazha’s beauty.

Two little girls walk by curiously and Ruoyun greets them in English while JBR makes hearts for them with his hands.

Maggie instructs Zhu’er not to run off by herself and that they must meet back at this entrance after the show. She also reminds Zhu’er not to panic if anything unexpected happens.

Ruoyun tells Zhu’er to take some money with her and to remember to keep an eye on her own bag when she’s out there watching the show.

JBR asks everyone to drink a bottle of Huoxiang Zhengqi Shui (藿香正气水) before the carnival starts, it an herbal supplement that can prevent heatstroke. Tony frowns at the bottle of bitter medicine but doesn’t argue.

Facing the camera, JBR says he hopes he will be influenced by the passionate atmosphere of everyone dancing to their hearts content tonight and be able to do just as well himself. He notes that this type of performance is very different from the performances often seen in China.

Maggie checks her appearance in the camera and is pleased with what she sees. Then she along with JBR, Ruoyun, and Yumeng help Zhu’er take their things back to the car. Then, as the group walks to the entrance they see the magnificent costumes the other performers are wearing and are amazed by the sight.

Tony though is still waiting for his shoes. It seems like nobody knows where they disappeared to. The members wait for him outside and after what feels like forever, another performer gives him a pair of pink boots. It’s not the same, but it works and Tony is thankful.

Matheus tell them to sit and wait. He’ll let them know when it’s time to get on the float. The members are restless, there’s still 5 hours until the carnival begins. They’re hungry and tired, but can’t do anything about it since they’re all dolled up for the show…

And we once again travel back in time to the previous day. It is 3:00PM in the afternoon and the members are at Rio Scenarium Pavilhão da Cultura for their dance lessons. They pick their shoes and the instructors enter the room to teach them some simple steps. Everyone is doing well except for JBR. Dancing isn’t one of his strengths and he’s embarrassed to join them.

In his interview, JBR shares that watching Tony and Ruoyun dance actually helped push him out of his shell (those two were totally enjoying themselves lol). JBR decided that no matter what, he had to at least give it a try, and once he started dancing, he felt it wasn’t that bad, it was actually kind of fun.

Tony feels samba isn’t too hard, your feet just have to be constantly moving, dancing in happiness, with men looking like men and women looking like women with a real sense of joy from their hearts, which is the most important part.

After the first lesson, they take a short break and Yumeng who is skilled in traditional Chinese dance is asked to give a demonstration for the Samba instructors (she is so graceful and confident here! Go Mengmeng! She should totally dance more often)!

Next is Nazha who teaches them a Xinjiang folk dance. Once again, stumping the instructors.

And finally, Maggie is dragged out there to dance as well even though she says she doesn’t know how (haha she deserves some points for her effort though)! Ruoyun calls her Beijing’s Beyoncé (lol)

Then they continue their Samba lesson and Ruoyun is absolutely the best mood maker, the boy isn’t shy at all as he dances with the instructor and then with Maggie.

Following them is Nazha and Tony. Nazha says that the sounds of the drums reminds her of Xianjiang dance, and every time she hears them she feels excited and just wants to start dancing with everyone.

Tony isn’t worried about tomorrow’s performance, he believes they will do well as long as everyone enjoys the moment, it should be very fun.

As they leave, they buy feather headdresses that costs 35R$ each and are in such a good mood that they start dancing out on the street (completely different from when they first arrived hehe)

At 6:20PM, they sit down at the restaurant for dinner and finally get the French fries they’ve been craving, along with meat and beer. As they eat they agree on playing a drinking game.

JBR recalls that last time they played they came up with the most ridiculous names, and today will be no different.

Their nicknames for the game are as follows: Maggie – Nazha 哪扎 (a play on Nazha’s name, but with a different “na”), JBR – Second Master 二柱子 (Nickname for Sasuke Uchiha in Naruto), Zhu’er – Doggy 狗子, Tony – Tuoni 托尼 (basically means “Tony” and often refers to football player Luca Toni), Yumeng – Duck Egg 鸭蛋 (possibly a play on 丫蛋 which is a common nickname for girls in the Northeast or maybe she really does mean duck egg lol, but it’s cute either way), Nazha – Dog Legs 狗腿 (which is slang for being a lackey/henchmen in Chinese), Ruoyun – Iron Egg 铁蛋 (meaning a strong boy, which is another common nickname parents give their children)

To play, they have to follow the clapping rhythm and motions without messing up (when they point their thumb to the right, the player has to say his own nickname and then he has to call out someone else’s nickname when they point to the left). The player who is called will then have to answer and the game continues until someone messes up (either they don’t answer in time or they fail to call on someone else).

As they play the game, Ruoyun has a hard time following the rhythm and is punished multiple times for it (lol maybe that’s why he didn’t go on Happy Camp… jk jk!)

As Ruoyun continues failing miserably, Tony says, “Now we know who to target,” and everyone gangs up on the poor boy in the next round (hahaha I love this)!

They return to the house for the night at 10:00PM. Maggie calculates that they still have 1059R$ remaining and she regrets being so stingy. If she had known they would have so much money left she would have let them buy more of the things they wanted.

Over in Zhu’er and Yumeng’s room it’s time for another product advertisement and we see Zhu’er using the Pantene conditioner again.

JBR finds a mini projector; it’s from the production team. Everyone gathers in the living room and are surprised to see Bolin on the screen. They’re watching the video diaries he recorded.

After watching for a few minutes and listening to Bolin talk about his journey, the members start to feel bad. Zhu’er thinks he looks really lonely. JBR agrees that it is difficult being all alone, whereas for them, they at least have each other. Nazha feels it must be boring with no one to talk to and Maggie adds that she is ashamed since they’re living so well here in Rio.

In his interview JBR admits that he wouldn’t be able to do it if he was in Bolin’s situation. He says regardless of how experienced he is or how many trips he’s been on, it’s always been with a group and that’s a world of a difference; because when you’re in a bad mood, if you’re frustrated, or annoyed there is bound to be someone who’ll notice.

Ruoyun says they were just talking today about how Bolin only got 1000RMB and they know it isn’t easy to live on that budget. But, Bolin doesn’t have to responsible for other people, worry how his words and actions will affect the group, or find ways to save money in order to buy some ground beef. Ruoyun feels that Bolin has what they don’t have, which is a degree of freedom. However, Ruoyun also believes that the loneliness itself is a source of stress and it must be taking a mental toll on Bolin as well. So the interviewer asks what he would do if he was all alone and Ruoyun says he’d probably start talking to himself and be a little out of it.

Over with Bolin it’s 7:00AM and he’s making coffee. As Fifi bites her leg, he tells her to stop and they go inside for breakfast.

Bolin explains that because he didn’t exchange enough money he can only use what he has on gas and lodging. Also, since he was the only one who was “exiled” he feels he needs to save some of his money for when he joins the group again (he can’t go empty handed). So, he’s suppressing himself from overspending.

And we see Bolin happily grabbing some fruit, “for dinner tonight” he says. Then he and Fifi return to the truck as they head off to their next destination.

Bolin confesses he does feel a little lonely, but if he can use this opportunity to improve himself, and become someone who will no longer be the cause of worry for other people, then it will be his biggest contribution to the group (omg, you’re already perfect Bolin).

Stopping at a gas station with Fifi, he exchanges 125USD for 810N$ (Namibian dollars) and spends 396N$ on gasoline. In the car, Bolin says he can enjoy the air conditioning now! He didn’t turn it on before because he didn’t want to waste gas (aww).

Since he’s basically using money every day, Bolin decides to take a look at the campsite first. If it’s too expensive he’s just going to sleep on the side of the road. But that means he won’t be able to shower.

Bolin drives 3 hours to reach Lake Oanob Campsite and Resort. After being exiled for 5 days, tonight he will finally have a “roof” over his head.

Bolin sets up his tent in the pavilion and unpacks rather quickly this time (he’s getting good at this)! He tells Fifi this is the best place they’ve stayed at thus far. They have a roof and a beautiful view of the lake.

As night falls, Bolin gives Fifi a belly rub as he drinks a beer. Even the director feels bad for Bolin and thinks he deserves a reward for his hard work! As he drinks, he wonders what everyone is doing now, probably having fun playing games…

But, nope, they’re actually extremely bored and tired over in Rio. The group is still waiting for the carnival to start. Maggie asks what time is it and sighs. They’ve been waiting in the street for over an hour already with nothing to do. She hopes the instructor didn’t forget about them, he’s the only one they can depend on as they don’t know anyone else here.

When Matheus finally comes back to get them, it’s time for Zhu’er to go. The members ask her to take care of herself.

They’re excited for the parade, but are sadly told that they need to wait a little more after they arrive at the float. So, Nazha does her rendition of “Pen Pineapple Apple Pen” and then Tony tries it as well (he looks hilarious hahaha)

Zhu’er is by herself and she feels like she’s been “exiled” today. She says both her feet and stomach aches.

Luckily though, she finds her section without much difficulty. But, it’s hot and she doesn’t know where to sit. She tries to ask someone in English but doesn’t really understand. So, she asks another Chinese man who tells her there are no assigned seats, she can sit anywhere within this section.

Approaching the railing, she squeezes in between a group who kindly welcomes her to stand with them. But, Zhu’er quickly feels left out since everyone knows each other and are talking in a language she doesn’t understand. She wishes she can just go home at that moment.

Ruoyun thinks the carnival is a very special experience. It’s a festival that belongs to the people of Brazil, where everyone parties without restraint. This kind of passion is rarely seen in China, where the people are more reserved and not as carefree or open when it comes to expressing themselves.

It starts to rain and Tony is a little worried about Zhu’er, who is getting drenched while everyone else in the stands are putting on the raincoats they prepared in advance. She spots a vendor selling raincoats though and buys one for 20R$. But the man walks off with her money without giving her the coat!

Thankfully, a woman in the row behind Zhu’er sees all this and makes the vendor come back to give Zhu’er her purchase. He apologizes for what happened and Zhu’er thanks the kind woman for her help. This incident suddenly warms Zhu’er’s heart, making her feel that the world is full of love. And, she believes this is why we need friends. Zhu’er can’t bear to be alone by herself.

JBR calls Zhu’er to check on her and she tells them where she’s standing. She promises to scream and wave when they pass by. After ending the call with JBR, Zhu’er makes an effort to introduce herself to the other people around her and is happy to be making some new friends. She admits, she almost wanted to cry just now when she was all alone, but now that she has friends she feels much better.

And the carnival begins! We see many gorgeous floats and beautiful performers dancing to the music. The atmosphere is lively and fun, even Zhu’er is getting into it. But the rest of the members are yawning as they continue to wait backstage.

JBR says that in his mind this big carnival is equivalent to the Spring Festival in China. But, for some reason this is turning out to be even more exhausting than any Spring Festival he had ever attended in the past.

Nazha wonders how the other performers do it. They’re so energetic backstage, singing and dancing the entire time. While the six of them on the other hand, are already completely drained before the show had even begun.

The members are assigned to different spots on the float and they get ready for the festival. Maggie says they’re all very excited as this is the moment they’ve been waiting for. It feels like a dream, something they never imagined they could be a part of.

Yumeng is a little nervous and tired, but now that this is finally happening, she is going to give it her all for this performance.

But, once they are all set and ready to go though, they are told that this float will be the last one to enter the carnival, which means… yes you guessed it, more waiting!

Ruoyun begins to hum/moan to himself (lol) while JBR asks what Tony wants to eat the most right now. He answers a banana and asks what about him, what does he want to eat? JBR surprisingly says he isn’t hungry and Tony adds he also wants to eat stinky tofu because JBR mentioned it before.

Maggie complains that her knees are starting to hurt from standing for so long.

Tony says today is turning out to be the most tiring day for them, even more exhausting than the last two days when they were out exploring. They started preparations at 5:00PM and up until 12:00AM they were still waiting. Everybody’s feet hurt, they couldn’t drink water, and they didn’t bring anything to eat.

As Nazha and Maggie crouch down to rest for a little bit, they begin to envy Zhu’er who doesn’t have to be here. They wish they can sit and watch the show as well…

Then, the narrator tells us that after six long hours, the members finally make their appearance at the Rio Carnival for a 35-minute performance… which we will get to see next week! lol [End of Episode]


The way the episode jumped back and forth between the two days was a little confusing at first, but I can see why they did that as it would have been very boring if we had to watch the members sitting around doing nothing for 80 minutes!

We didn’t get to see as much of Bolin this week, but he continues to amaze me with his maturity and optimism. It’s impossible not to love the man. You can tell even little Fifi is totally smitten by him, and it is so sweet seeing them looking out for one another. It’ll be sad when it comes time for them to say goodbye…

Sometimes it does feel like the other members are taking what they have for granted though. But, I won’t hold it against them since I’d probably behave the same way if I was in their shoes.

And once again, I am fascinated by Ruoyun’s interviews (as I didn’t know much about him before). He is obviously incredibly independent and his craving for freedom seems to suggest that he might be holding in a lot more than what we see on camera. Even though he appears to be getting along well with everyone and is always joking around, I think he could use a breather at some point during this trip. It’ll be interesting to see how he holds up over time!

JBR is also growing on me. I never found him to be attractive, even though I like him as an actor. But, in this episode today I actually thought he was kind of cute haha, I think I definitely like him better when he’s confused and shy (like he was at the dance lesson or when he was eating the hotdog bun) than when he’s playing it cool.

Tony and Nazha are getting closer and I enjoy watching their interactions. They give me this comfortable sibling vibe… Don’t you agree? Yes? No? Not really…? Okay, I admit I’m only saying that because I know she’s dating Zhang Han, or else I’d totally be shipping her with Tony since they seem like a good match! But then again, I also feel that Tony sees all the girls (aside from Maggie) as his little sisters. He takes care of them very well like a big brother.

And talking about Maggie, it was funny seeing her panic when they went hang gliding, lol I’m terrible for laughing since I’m afraid of heights as well, but it was entertaining and I enjoyed seeing a different side to her (since she always gave me the impression that she was tough/fearless—you see, I have been brainwashed by her drama roles)!

As for Yumeng, I’m so happy that she talked more and had more screen time in this episode! She seems to be much more comfortable around everyone now. And Zhu’er is definitely able to take care of herself, she just needs more experience of being out on her own.

I am totally looking forward to the next episode! All this waiting has made me a little restless as well, I’m definitely ready for this carnival to be over so we can move on to the next challenge, and hopefully see Bolin reunite with the members soon! I think it’s about time…

Anyway, please comment and let me know what you thought about episode 3 of Divas Hit the Road! It’ll make me really happy~ *wink wink* lol, thanks for reading guys! ❤️

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  • Kharybeth

    I was so thrilled to wake up and find this posted. I just finished episode two last night and was excited for episode three.

    I really like this cast; especially Chen Bolin (whose work I’ve never seen before) and Zhang Ruoyun. Chen has really impressed me with his spirit and humbleness. It makes me wonder how Jing Boran would have fared in his place. While expected, I was sad that the group chose to exile Chen because this was his first time on the show and I felt like he was more deserving of having the group experience. Whereas Jing Boran probably would have had the bigger growth experience having to tackle Namibia on his own. And that would have made for more interesting TV.

    ZRY is the one I’d most like to have a conversation with. His English is surprising–especially his accent! He made it sound like his English was bad but now I’m curious. It seems to me that you don’t end up with such clear diction without putting in some time practicing… So he’s the one I find myself watching the most because it seems like there is a lot more to him than meets the eye.

    Oh Dr. Qin is totally worth watching. I was so happy when it was subbed in English. It’s not as slick as CSI or another US crime procedural, but it is certainly more heartfelt. The main trio was well cast and well acted. I can’t wait for season two! Hopefully all three actors will return.

    Thank you again for your recap! Can’t wait to settle down tonight to watch part three!

    • Thanks to your recommendation, I started watching Medical Examiner Dr. Qin yesterday and I love it so far (I’m on episode 8). But, omg I was eating when I watched the first ep and I almost wanted to throw up, I totally did not expect all the blood and gore! lol, now I know to watch the drama on an empty stomach.

      ZRY is definitely interesting! I always liked him as an actor cause he’s so charismatic. But never knew much about him. So I love that he’s on Divas Hit the Road.

      And Bolin too. I think he has gained a lot of fans since the show started airing. This is without a doubt my favorite cast. The previous seasons were actually a little awkward with all the veteran “divas” as everyone had to be careful around them. It ruined the fun imo 😛

  • emiie

    The title is totally an apt description of the episode, lol. While I was watching, I couldn’t help feel sorry for Zhu’er as well as everybody waiting for their turn. I got tired with them. I really love the dynamics of everybody in the group and Bolin and the dog, oh how adorable are they? Tony is totally a cutie (and hottie :-), and JBR with his blank expressions, lol. I agree Zhang Ruoyun seem to need some space. I could totally relate. While I love traveling in groups sometimes you want to do your own thing and I have. I wonder if he’ll do the same sometime later.
    I can’t wait for Bolin to join in the group dynamics, sooner rather than later, I hope. And can I say I am totally surprised by Nazha. From her looks, I thought she would be the aloof kind of person but she is totally personable. Well, actually they all are!

    And I am so glad you will be continuing to recap this adventure. Thank you!!!

    • I lost count of how many times I wrote the word “wait” in this recap haha I feel like we’ve all waited long enough! Hopefully there will be more action in episode 4! lol

      And yeah I can understand Ruoyun’s frustration. It’s hard to do everything you want when you’re in a group, and it’s probably even harder when you’re traveling with people you don’t know well, such as the case here. But, I actually think he’s quite lucky already to be in this group where everyone is pretty easygoing (from what we’re shown at least). Cause I don’t think he’d be able to stand diva personalities 😆