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[Drama News] Liu Ye and Ariel Lin sizzle in new romance drama Oldboy 老男孩

Oldboy poster
Based on these posters, it seems the dashing Liu Ye and his leading lady Ariel Lin will be serving spicy in the upcoming romance drama series, 老男孩 Oldboy. On the production’s official Weibo, Liu Ye’s character is described as a pilot who has an infinite sense of security when high flying while Ariel’s character is someone who loves a cool and “hot” life and never admits defeat. Sounds like two strong — and hopefully endearing — characters that our talented leads can bring to life. Both have been absent from c-drama land for quite some time — it’s been 3 years for Liu Ye since his last TV series, the political/espionage drama All Quiet in Peking.

Production design should be interesting with all the traveling and inflight scenes (no tacky sets and special effects please!). Principal photography is slated to begin at the end of May with a target release date of 2018.

Liu YeAriel Lin

  • Always down for a new Ariel Lin drama. I just hope this won’t be like, 25+ episodes. Even 20 episodes is pushing it.