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[Drama News] Round-up (2017/05/11): Age of Legends, Love Won’t Wait, Picked Flowers, Princess Agents, Secret of the Three Kingdoms, Swire God, The Flame’s Daughter, Kiss Love and Taste

I was out of town this week, so please excuse me while I do a little catching up lol

Age of Legends

Age of Legends (橙红年代) has confirmed William Chan and Ma Sichun as the leads! The drama is based on the internet novel of the same name by writer Xiao Qixiao. William Chan plays hot blooded youth Liu Ziguang and Ma Sichun plays spicy police officer Hu Rong. I don’t know much about the story, but it sounds like Liu Ziguang is a fan favorite in the readers circle for being cool, handsome, responsible, and motivational… So, not bad eh? lol

Love Won’t Wait

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Love Won’t Wait (如果, 爱) marks Cecilia Cheung’s return to the small screen with Vanness Wu as her leading man. The story follows Wan Jialing (Cecilia Cheung) who is abandoned by her husband after the loss of their child and her inspirational journey to starting life anew. Vanness Wu plays Song Qiaozhi, the ex-husband, a man who is torn between the choice of love and family as he faces the many struggles of life. Wan Jialing and Song Qiaozhi’s love story is described as one that is emotional, thought provoking, and touching. The drama is currently filming.

I’m excited for this because Cecilia was one of my favorite actresses back in the early 2000’s and she’s very good in melodramas. This sounds like something written with her in mind. The stills released also reminds me of 2009’s Autumn Concerto which made me become a fan of Vanness Wu (along with millions of other drama addicts). I also like the premise of Love Won’t Wait, so I’m definitely keeping this one on my radar!

Picked Flowers

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Picked Flowers (十里洋场拾年花) released more stills and character posters this week. The republican era drama stars Peter Sheng as the male lead.

Princess Agents

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Princess Agents (特工皇妃楚乔传) will premiere on June 5th with 60 episodes. They released 4 new posters of main leads Zhao Liying, Lin Gengxin, Shawn Dou, and Li Qin.

Secret of the Three Kingdoms

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Secret of the Three Kingdoms (三国机密) is another novel-to-drama adaption. As the title suggests, this will be about the Three Kingdoms period and the battles between the states of Cao Wei, Shu Han and Eastern Wu. Most dramas and novels follow Liu Bei and Zhuge Liang’s side of the story, but this time the focus will be on Cao Cao. The drama stars Elvis Han, Ma Tianyu, Tse Kwan Ho, Tan Jianci, Sunny Wang, Dong Jie, Wan Qian, Dong Xuan, and Wang Yuwen.

Swire God

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Swire God (太古神王) has confirmed Peter Sheng and Wang Ziwen as the leads for the drama adaption of Jing Wuhen’s novel of the same name. Peter Sheng plays Qin Wentian and Wang Ziwen plays Mo Qingcheng. Concept posters have been released.

The Flame’s Daughter

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The Flame’s Daughter (烈火如歌) starring Dilraba Dilmurat, Vic Zhou, Vin Zhang, and Liu Ruilin met with the press earlier this week! In an interview, Dilraba shared that she was very happy to finally meet Zaizai in real life and she was stunned by how handsome he was. Vic also talked a bit about his character Yin Xue and his love for Ru Ge. He joked that the secret to pursuing her was to be thick-skinned!

Kiss, Love, and Taste

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Kiss, Love, and Taste (亲·爱的味道) has finished filming and is currently in post-production. The drama stars Lu Yi, Amber Kuo, and Aaron Yan. If you haven’t seen the English subbed trailer yet, you can see it here on Two C-ents!


  • JoyBells

    So many amazing dramas to look forward to.

    1. “Love won’t wait”- the story is a but melo and something I don’t want to pick up ATM but Vaness Wu……sigh. Have to pick up a few episodes.

    2. Secret of Three Kingdoms. This looks like another interesting drama. The costume, plot and actors.

    3. The Flame’s Daughter. I thought this drama was titled the The King’s Women?!? Anyway this is another treat for ” Eternal Love” fans with so many familiar faces in the cast. I knew Dilraba, Vin Zhang and Sixteenth would be here but Ninth discpile and Ghost Princess too!!! I hope this one doesn’t let me down.

    • “The Flame’s Daughter” and “The King’s Woman” are two different dramas, both starring Dilraba and Vin. lol, it’s confusing since it’s practically the same cast! But, we’ve reported on both dramas before, so if you need more info you can check their tags here on Two C-ents 😄

      “The King’s Woman” will hopefully be airing this summer, while “The Flame’s Daughter” is currently filming.

      I’m looking forward to both since I love everyone from “Eternal Love”! And I’ve been waiting forever for Vin to be Dilraba’s leading man! I hope they’ll have a happy ending this time in “The King’s Woman” *fingers crossed*

      • JoyBells

        Huh! It’s strange to me that they are making two (costume) dramas at around the same time with almost the same cast!! Not even a few years apart.

        But I’m still going to check out both because I love the cast. 😀

        • lol yeah they probably should have switched up the cast a bit. But, they are very different stories, one is xianxia and the other is historical. So, I think we’ll definitely enjoy watching both! 😄

          • JoyBells

            Oh Right. 🙂

            I didn’t know one was Wuxia and one historical.

  • 💗💛💙💚💜



    • hehe I love Dilraba and Zhang Binbin as well!

      • 💗💛💙💚💜


  • alltalk

    So we can see William Chan next year too since he’ll be in will be in Lost Love in Times this year. I haven’t watch Mystic Nine so i’m not sure about his acting skills but he’s good looking haha. The last drama that I have seen for Ma Sichun would be Love Me If You Dare if I recall correctly. Can’t wait to see this pairing!

    I don’t like Vanness Wu’s styling in Princess Weiyoung haha but he looks better here, based on the stills.

    The one that I’m looking forward the most this year would be Princess Agents! I like Zhao Liying’s performance in Rookie Agent Rogue so I’m sure she’ll be more badass here ;D

    So many dramas to watch but so little time >.<