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[Variety Recap] 72 Floors of Mystery 七十二层奇楼 – Episode 1: The Mystery Tower

72 Floors of Mystery (七十二层奇楼) features a star studded cast of Kris Wu, Simon Yam, Leo Wu, Wowkie Zhang, Wang Xiaoli, Liu Chang, Waer, and Zhao Liying (who will appear later in the season). William Chan was the guest for the first episode. Galaxy Subbing Team will be providing English subtitles for the show (remember to subscribe and follow their channel)! So, I will not be writing full episode recaps, like I do for Divas Hit the Road. Instead I’ll give a super brief summary and then share my thoughts about the episode. I hope everyone who is watching 72 Floors of Mystery will join in on the discussion as well!

Episode 1 – Summary

The members receive invitations to the Mystery Tower. Uncle Three says he is trapped within the building. The members must rescue him. After solving various puzzles, they are then sent to Kuzhu Village were they play various games with the villagers for clues that will lead them to the dragon ball. As they get ready for bed though they discover their luggage has been stolen. So, the members decide to meet up, but the village is equipped with a strong security system. In order to escape, the members must bypass the alarms without alerting the villagers who are on guard. After some trial and error, they finally make it out. The members also discover that the dragon pearl is in the mouth of a dragon head, on top of a mountain of benches. They carefully climb up to retrieve it and successfully complete the mission. So, they are rewarded with the “ingenious invention” of the lantern dragon and the members join the villagers as they weave through the streets at night. [End of Episode]


The Mystery Tower itself is basically an escape room and I imagine it must be fun for the members to solve each puzzle (since I’m an avid player myself). But, as a viewer it really isn’t as entertaining as you would hope and expect for a variety show. I actually zoned out at some point while they were searching for clues in different rooms. However things did get a little better when they made it outside and especially when they went to Kuzhu Villiage. I really enjoyed learning about the culture and kind of wish they had spent more time there, instead of being stuck inside the building for half of the episode.

Honestly, they probably could have made this a travel show with missions and it would have been just as good (if not better). I personally feel the concept of the Mystery Tower is very unnecessarily. The script makes it feel like the cast is acting in a movie and it completely takes the realism out of the show. Hopefully though, we’ll get more offset location shoots and member interactions in future episodes, cause this is an incredible cast and I really want to like the show!

Generally speaking, the first episode was not bad. But, there is definitely room for improvement! And I look forward to learning more about the personality of each cast member even though I’m mainly watching this for Kris, who I must add has once again proved he’s a brainiac (worthy of the title “Mr. galaxy_fanfan”) when he easily figured out the placement of all the planets. It was impressive! I swear I had the same confused expression on my face like William when Kris explained how he counted the steps from one stone platform to the other (lol, okay maybe I’m just dumb)

But anyway, while we wait for the next episode to air on 05/19 (it will not be airing this week), please comment and share you opinion on the show! I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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  • Unspoken Demise

    First episode was..ehh. It was kind of boring.
    Best part of this episode:
    1.Kris’ nose – crinkling-laugh 😛
    2 His “DA”
    3 and Chicken /beatbox guy
    Looking forward to the second episode, i hope it gets better.

    • lol, you summed it up better than me! I agree Kris was really cute in this episode, but unfortunately the show itself is a little disappointing. Tbh, I wish he was on Divas Hit the Road instead…