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[Drama News] William and Cecilia do anything for love in the first teaser for Lost Love in Times 醉玲珑

Lost Love in Times, starring William Chan and Cecilia Liu recently released its first trailer, giving us a glimpse of what to expect from the drama. The drama is set to release on Dragon TV in July.

Check out the trailer with English subtitles provided by us below!

Check out some of the previously released character stills!

  • alltalk

    Thank you for subbing the trailer! I have a question, when she freezes the time at the wedding ceremony, she’s resetting back the time to the past? Meaning, their relationship will be forgotten?
    The trailer looks epic so I’m really looking forward to this.

    • I’m not entirely sure about it resetting back the time, but it seems she was making it so that all that was happening would be different – as if she never appeared in his life. So yes, their relationship would be forgotten T_T

      • alltalk

        Noooooo ToT I assumed that would happen in the first arc right and they shall be reunited in the second arc…I hope. Well, we can’t have it all. It was a tough choice for her if she’s the only one carrying the memory of the past while the prince remains oblivious over their love sobs.