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[Interview] Zhang Ruoyun: “There are no shortcuts on the road of an actor,”

My career has been very smooth, but compared to other outstanding people at this age, they have already accomplished greater achievements, so I must work harder.

— Zhang Ruoyun  


There are no shortcuts on the road of an actor; even if it’s late it will come.

— Zhang Ruoyun

He is the sunny and warm Pei Xiangxuan from Promise of Migratory Birds (十五年等待候鸟); he is the charmingly arrogant Feng Tianyi from Novoland: The Castle in the Sky (九州天空城); he is the gentle and cultivated Tang Shanhai who is loyal to his principles from Sparrow (麻雀); he is the cold and aloof Qin Ming from Medical Examiner Dr. Qin (法医秦明). He is Zhang Ruoyun.

A Dazzling Young Man

When The Fated General (霍去病) became our topic of discussion, he said: “Huo Qubing is a ‘young god of war’ in the history of China, ‘Seven years on the battlefield, and not a single defeat in his lifetime,'”

His most memorable experience from filming this drama was being together with horses day and night, “There are many horseback riding scenes in this drama. I have also developed an interest in horses, so after filming I had signed up for horseback riding lessons,”

When he is donning his armor, riding on a horse, with a spear in his hand, fighting and working hard on this road of an actor, is he not a ‘young god of war’ himself?

The Precise Jokester[1]

If you follow the weibo account @我的偶像是二逼 (my idol is an idiot), you would notice that Zhang Ruoyun is practically a VIP member, making it on the list every day, becoming a traffic and readership guarantee on weibo, a popular “Bilibili Star[2]“. His “hilariously dumb[3]” moments and his handsome appearance are completely unrelated traits.

In regards to being known as a “popular celebrity” he actually has a very clear vision for himself, “In life, I hope I will always be in a realistic state of mind, and remain as practical as I possibly can,”

But, his acting ability continues to amaze us; from head to toe his performance comes to life. The incredibly handsome “walking hormones” Zhang Ruoyun will without a doubt, become even more successful in the future.

Boyfriend Style Meme

In the first episode of Divas Hit the Road 3 (花儿与少年) Zhang Ruoyun’s home was revealed. This siheyuan[4] immediately became a hot search topic: there’s a courtyard, he has pets, he will occasionally cook up a few dishes in the kitchen, and when he’s leisurely spending time with friends he will present them with a cup of tea. This comfortable style of life, it’s no wonder that fans are crying to marry him.

The cheerful Zhang Ruoyun has a pair of long legs. Every time he leaves the house, he only has several minutes to choose his outfit, but his face value is no joke. When we talked about his closet and asked what he had the most in there though, he said it was underwear! Oh my, did he have to be this simple and direct? But, this is the Zhang Ruoyun you guys know and love, isn’t it?

Free-spirited Laughter

Many people became a fan of Zhang Ruoyun after hearing his contagious laughter on Divas Hit the Road 3. Sometimes he is artistic, other times he makes you laugh; he is straightforward and humorous. In the end, you fall in love with him without even realizing or knowing why. But, that is only because you don’t truly understand him just yet: he has pretty hands, when he puts on a uniform he looks so good that you’d want to lick the screen, he has two adorable dogs, is a good cook, can dance, and there is absolutely nothing he can’t do. How can you not love Zhang Ruoyun?

Zhang Ruoyun: “I live for my character,”


Duanzishou (段子手)

[2] Bilibili is a video sharing site 
[3] The term used here was doubi (逗比)
[4] Siheyuan (四合院) is a courtyard house

  • mentalgt

    “when he puts on a uniform he looks so good that you’d want to lick the screen” wowowowoowowowowoow hahahahahah!! Thanks for the translations..

    • haha the author of the article totally sounded like a fan. The exaggerations were really funny, even though I do think he looks nice in uniform 😆

  • alltalk

    Woa… Zhang Ruoyun why are you so attractive 😍
    Can’t wait for The Fated General to release! With more effort and improvement, he definitely has what it takes to soar high as an actor. Thumbs up! ;D

    • Same! I’m so excited for The Fated General and I’m sure he’ll gain more recognition after it airs. He’s a such a charming actor, his hard work will pay off! ☺️

  • Kharybeth

    Liked the article but good lord it sounded like something you would read in an issue of Tiger Beat (or any magazine written for overly hormonal teenaged girls)! I expected something slightly more serious from Elle.

    Still all of this exposure that Ruoyun is getting is just making me like him more and want to see more of his work. Can’t wait for the Fated General as well. His father directed that, right?

    Also, can I just add that he has one of the best blonde dye jobs I’ve seen on an Asian man possibly ever. The color looks very natural next to his skin tone.

    • I think it’s because this article was for Elle Shop and not the actual publication so it was less serious. lol, they used a lot of slang as well. It took me a while to understand some of the terms.

      But, I love reading Ruoyun’s interviews, he’s a really eloquent speaker. I am going to try and translate his interview with CHIC magazine as well. It’s much better than this one 😄

      And yes his father is the producer of The Fated General. There was some controversy regarding that, but I do believe Ruoyun is suitable for the role and more than capable to give a memorable performance. So, I’m definitely looking forward to it!