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[Drama News] The various looks of Peter Sheng in Picked Flowers 十里洋场拾年花

Picked Flowers (十里洋场拾年花) released a batch of posters this week featuring male lead Peter Sheng and some stills of the drama that’s currently filming. Included in the weibo update were brief character descriptions: Ma Su as the gentle Cheng Yumei, Zhang Tong as the legendary tycoon Renje Shaw (also known as Shao Zuiweng, the eldest of the famous Shaw Brothers), Qin Xiaofei as the popular young actor Sun Min, and Peter Sheng as the kindhearted Feng Yilun. For more information on the story and Peter’s character, you can read it here!

Posters of Peter Sheng

Click to see more pics!


Click to see more pics!