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[Drama News] William Chan and Bai Baihe’s Only Side by Side With You 南方有乔木 releases first stills

Only Side by Side With You (南方有乔木) starring William Chan and Bai Baihe gives us a first look at the drama with newly released stills! Look below the cut to read the synopsis and see more pictures!


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The lovely yet dull Nan Qiao (Bai Baihe) catches her fiancé Zhou Ran cheating, resulting in a break up and Zhou Ran’s withdrawal from investing in her business. Worried about the stability of her company, Nan Qiao heads to a bar to find potential investors and stumbles upon the tall and cool bar owner Shi Yue (William Chan) instead. 

Shi Yue is suspicious that Nan Qiao is someone whom he had a complicated past with and purposely gets close to her. Focused on investigating what happened in the past, Shi Yue accidentally falls in love with her. 

Chang Jianxiong, another person who was involved in the past, meets Shi Yue once again- this time as love rivals. With the complicated relations between the two, a war begins. 

Nan Qiao’s father is against the relationship between Nan Qiao and Shi Yue. Nan Qiao also finds out the existence of a very important woman from Shi Yue’s past named An Ning. Facing the pressure from her father, the complication that is An Ning, and the unforgettable past, Nan Qiao and Shi Yue still stand together to protect their love. 

[Translated by chuanqi at Two C-ents]