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[Variety Recap] Divas Hit the Road 花儿与少年3 – Episode 4: when the show gives you grapes

I’m sorry for this very late recap! Things piled up one after another last week, so I didn’t have time to do this until now. This was a great episode though! Bolin says goodbye to Fifi as he continues the rest of his journey alone, while his group mates leave Rio to explore the Amazon rainforest.

Episode 4

The members finally enter the Rio Carnival on the float after waiting for over 6 hours (as mentioned in the previous episode). They try to look for Zhu’er but can’t spot her. She can see them just fine though and tells the people in the stands that her friends are on the float.

Ruoyun says in voice over, when he witnessed the atmosphere of the festival, he realized this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. So, he used everything he learned in the last two days and gave it his all for this performance.

Tony shares that the music, rhythm, and the drums, really got him into the mood. The hours spent waiting for the show to start didn’t matter at that moment, he didn’t feel tired anymore.

Nazha was also touched by the other performers in the parade. Watching them dance so passionately made her believe that there was nothing the members couldn’t do as well. So, she persisted and kept dancing.

JBR says the people there didn’t know who they were, but that didn’t matter. The members didn’t feel like they didn’t belong because the atmosphere, the country’s culture, and the passion of the people drew them in. JBR recalls they danced like crazy from the excitement and it made him feel youthful.

When the float arrives in front of Zhu’er, she takes a bunch of photos of the members.

As the parade ends and the festival comes to a close Ruoyun jokingly tells the guys he might need an ambulance soon, he’s dropping with sweat and exhausted from all the dancing. JBR however feels great; he says it’s as if his dream of holding his own concert had come true.

Ruoyun and Tony received a lot of love from the audience, many beautiful women blew kisses at them and they sent hearts in return.

Everyone is still high from the festival, Maggie and Nazha can’t get over how amazing the experience was. The members go around taking pictures to commemorate the big event. Tony believes that they all fell in love with Brazil. It seems like the 7 of them have found the rhythm of having fun together. JBR says this trip is different because he’s with a group of youngsters, who are especially youthful. There is no barrier between them.

Ruoyun adds that their friendship is growing at a rapid pace. The members are creating bonds and sharing experiences that normally take a much longer time to develop between ordinary friends. But, he also notes, traveling together does help speed up the process. So, he is looking forward to seeing what this leads to and what becomes of their relationship.

They meet up with Zhu’er who’s waiting for them with food. The guys thank her as they walk to the car and head home for the night. It’s 2:45AM. Everyone’s feet ache. They wonder if there’s a new mission card waiting for them, there is. It’s on the coffee table along with their plane tickets. The card reads, “It’s time for your new adventure,”

Their next stop is Manaus, the capital of the state of Amazonas in Northwestern Brazil. The girls ask where Manaus is and Tony tells them there should be a famous rainforest around there. But, nobody seems particularly excited (probably because they’re too tired).

JBR discovers the money the production team had provided them for their next journey. There is 6,500 (which is roughly 800 per person) and he suggests giving Bolin an additional 500 from what they had left. So Bolin will receive a total of 1300. JBR asks the crew to help them pass this onto Bolin and Tony tells him to spend the money well.

Then we cut over to Bolin who receives an envelope and a note (which he cutely misreads several of the simplified characters and is momentarily confused hehe). It tells him the other members have completed their first mission and is proceeding to the next stop in their journey.

He reads it all with a smile and happily tells Fifi the news about the members leaving him some money. But, Bolin’s eyes truly light up when he sees the large sum inside the envelope and cheers, “Holy sh*t!” (haha I love him!)

Back in Rio, everyone is packing up to leave and JBR moves several suitcases out of the house. Then comes Nazha with her luggage and she sighs at how heavy it is. Tony comes down the stairs and teases her, telling her to keep going, there’s only three more steps! Nazha hits him as he takes the suitcase from her and carries it outside.

Before they leave, the house owner arrives and introduces himself, his name is Chris. Ruoyun uses the opportunity to ask him about Manaus and if he’s ever been there before. They’d appreciate any information he could give them. Ruoyun shows Chris the map but he doesn’t seem to know where they’re heading exactly. It looks like the show had made a mark in the middle of the ocean. So, he thinks maybe they’ll be living on a boat and the member’s faces are filled with dread (lol)

The car arrives and they head to the airport. As they check in Tony asks who the silver Rimowa suitcase belongs to and Maggie jokingly says it isn’t hers as she can’t afford such a good case. “You can’t afford such a good case huh? I’m sorry, it’s mine,” Ruoyun tells her and they both laugh. Then JBR shares that people with good taste all use Samsonite, which both he and Maggie happen to be using (it was censored on the broadcast but I found out through c-fans which brand it was, so yay me lol). Maggie gives him a high five. But, then he tells her he’s the brand ambassador and questions what her role is in all of this (haha). Ruoyun laughs his head off and the caption reads that Maggie is a faithful supporter.

In his interview JBR confesses he likes Maggie the best so far out of all the girls. He didn’t expect her personality to be like this. She can take jokes and he feels this is one of the most charming traits in a woman.

And in the next shot he’s teasing her again for what she’s wearing today. Her denim jacket is so long that it had wiped the floor clean. And to add insult to the injury, Nazha confidently says she can look good in the outfit (lol)

From Rio, the members fly to Manaus. It’s 3:00PM when they arrive and they’re looking for the pier. After walking around for a while they find their boat. Zhu’er and Yumeng think they will be living on it for the next few days since the mission card didn’t include an address to a hotel or anything. JBR is in disbelief, so they decide to take a look inside first. A friendly crew member shows them around. There’s the toilet, the shower (no hot water though since it’s so hot outside), and the kitchen. Maggie and Ruoyun are relieved that aren’t any beds around; they think it means that they won’t be living here… But, no they’re wrong. There’s a pillow and a hammock for each of them!

Tony finds a microphone in the basket and happily tells everyone they can sing tonight. Nazha is interested in the toy and says, “I have a pen…” But, Tony cuts her off before she can continue her favorite song, “No, you don’t have a pen,”

On the upper deck a table has been set up for dinner. JBR sits down and reads them the mission card about their “Amazon Rainforest Adventure” where they will visit a tribe, fish for piranhas, and catch crocodiles! Their first stop is the tribe but it will take them approximately 12 hours to reach the Juma River. So, they will be sleeping on the boat tonight.

Bolin stops at a gas station. He says he wants to buy some supplies after filling up the tank, since he’s rich now (hehe). But, he can’t decide what to get, and finally settles on a bottle of juice and some Mentos. He has spent 546N$ total today and has 5569N$ remaining.

In his interview, Bolin shares that he fees money should only be spent on things that are worth the expense and whether you really need it or not is an important factor to consider. Having money doesn’t mean you should spend it rashly.

After a break and some orange juice, Bolin and Fifi continue on their road trip. Bolin believes there isn’t anything that cannot be endured. Many people live like this, some don’t even have cars, and are much poorer. Yet, he has a car, a tent, and money. So, he feels very lucky and happy already. The entire trip is interesting to him, especially because Fifi is here (aww). He also says when he’s driving it feels like a scene in a movie.

But, unexpected new arrive. Bolin has to return Fifi to her owner William between 5:30PM-6:00PM tonight and it feels much too quick. He initially thought he would have one more night with her and he planned on giving her a bath. But, he doesn’t have the chance to do that now. After parking the car, Bolin and Fifi wait by the side of the road (this is so heartbreaking to watch). When her owner arrives though Fifi is really happy and seeing that makes Bolin smile as well. He sends them off and sighs, he is really alone now. This is the start of his solo journey.

And while all of this sinks in, Bolin sadly jokes that he misses Fifi more than he misses his cat that’s at home. But, he is thankful for the experience and glad that he had met Fifi on this trip. In a few days he’ll be joining the other members again. He hopes they are doing well.

Arriving back at the campsite, Bolin checks out his new dome shaped home. He is surprised by the amenities and calls it a villa. There’s air conditioning, a refrigerator, a bed, and a bathroom.

Bolin laughs that he thought the show would give him a big box of lemons, as in every mission would be very sour and difficult to stomach. But, it turns out they have given him a box of grapes, some are indeed sour but then there are also those that are sweet. You never know if you’re getting a sour or sweet grape, every experience is different.

Then we return to the group on the boat. Ruoyun says that there are fewer people here (compared to when they were back in Rio) but it actually feels quite nice and comfortable. Tony completely agrees; he loves it. Ruoyun also thinks that their trip has been getting better and better, he himself is enjoying it more and more. Seeing the night sky and feeling the breeze, Ruoyun believes it is a rare chance to be this close to nature. Vacationing on a boat is actually one of his dreams. If he hadn’t joined Divas Hit the Road, he knows he would still do this on his own one day to fulfill his wish. But, being able to experience this on the show is a very pleasant surprise.

At 9:00PM the boat pulls up to shore and the members are greeted by the natives, who lead them into the rainforest. They then change their clothes and get their faces painted.

Zhu’er had brought a bunch of Chinese bookmarks with her and she passes them out to the children. She didn’t know where they would be going at first but she had packed them in her luggage just in case she were to meet new friends on this trip and happen to want to leave them with a little bit of her culture.

The rest of the members also bring out the other gifts the show had prepared for their hosts, little trinkets such as Chinese fans and combs.

Then it’s time for dinner, and everyone is starving so they happily eat the fish and bread that’s been prepared for them. But, they’re a little hesitant when it comes to the basket filled with ants.

Tony and Ruoyun give it a try. The girls ask if it’s really ants. Tony confirms it and tells them it’s crispy and tastes like grilled shrimp. Ruoyun says they’re like shrimp chips and JBR invites the ladies to eat some as well. Maggie tries one and asks if JBR had eaten it already, but he shakes his head, nope (lol)!

Once everyone finishes eating, it’s time for some archery. They receive a quick demonstration. Then Ruoyun picks up the bow and arrow (looking incredibly handsome and in Huo Qubing mode). However just before he shoots, Tony tells him not to think too much about winning or losing, which makes the girls laugh. But, Ruoyun hits the target without a problem and JBR notes that he’s qualified to stay here now.

Next up is Tony and Maggie gives him his own advice, don’t worry about gains or losses. Then he shoots… and the arrow remains in his own fingers (hahaha that’s totally me). Everyone laughs and JBR is relieved (since he’s going next). Maggie rubs it in and questions how a big brother like Tony can be so bad at this (lol).

JBR steps up to the plate and the arrow is shaky in his hands. He hesitates before releasing it and asks to try it again, while begging them not to air that part (haha). His second attempt is better, but it misses the watermelon. Tony thanks him for saving him a little face.

They then bring out a blowgun, a long narrow weapon that is used to shoot darts. JBR misses and so does Tony, who gets teased by the girls again and Maggie asks why he’s dressed like this if he keeps missing the target (lol poor Tony, he looks good with the shirt off though)!

After Ruoyun fails as well, Maggie isn’t worried about embarrassing herself now and goes to try. But, she blows several times and nothing happens (haha that is also me).

They then sit down to watch a performance and JBR confesses he doesn’t understand anything. It’s a completely different world and way of life here. As he watched the natives perform, there was a moment when he wanted to cry, but he didn’t even know why. It just really touched him.

Ruoyun says it was astounding and magical. He feels the culture and spirit of the natives here share many similarities with Asian cultures. Even though he doesn’t know the meaning behind the dance, the experience makes him feel that humans really are all one species who have evolved little by little over time.

Tony says the music is very unique. At first you might not understand what you’re listening to, but gradually the instruments come together and create a harmonious tune. The entire experience is special.

Back on the boat, Tony asks if anyone wants something to eat and our resident chef begins cooking while everyone else sets up the hammocks for the night. When their midnight snacks are ready, they gather around the table to enjoy the dishes Tony had whipped up. Yumeng tells him it tastes delicious and Maggie thanks him for the meal. It’s late so they plan on heading to bed after eating. Maggie suggests waking up early to watch the sunrise and JBR tells them to watch it for him if he doesn’t wake up in time.

Over with Bolin, he says now that he has a house to live in his survival skills will be going down since he won’t be using them anymore, and much of the tension he felt before is gone. He says this technically isn’t a good thing. It’s only when we feel tension do we get to see our true selves and potential.

Flexing his arms in front of the camera, Bolin then shows off his biceps. He claims it’s the result of driving for so many hours today (lol)

Without Fifi though, poor Bolin seems so bored and lonely. He has nothing to do, so he finally decides to go to sleep.

Early the next morning, Tony gets dressed and wakes everyone else up for the sunrise. Ruoyun finds a spot near the railing while the rest of the group is still half asleep. Maggie wanders over. The sun isn’t up yet and she complains Tony woke them up too early.

He tells her they can still appreciate the beautiful scenery though. Tony admits he’s really excited. Back in Rio they were still in a city, but it’s completely different here, this is the wilderness, and they’re completely surrounded by forest. It is a new experience for him and he’s enjoying every moment of it.

The interviewer asks Ruoyun if this was the first time he slept in a hammock. He says it was and it wasn’t as comfortable as he imagined it to be. But, he was too tired yesterday so he probably would have been able to fall asleep anywhere.

As for Nazha and Maggie, they laugh that they slept really close last night, even closer than when they shared a bed. Whenever either one of them moved, they would bump into each other.

The deck is wet and covered in leaves. It seems like the wind was blowing very hard last night. So, Nazha wipes down the suitcases to clean them up.

Ruoyun makes breakfast and Zhu’er watches in amazement. She wonders if he can make tomato and scramble eggs even though the pot is hard to use. Ruoyun tells her he can and asks if she wants to eat it. Zhu’er happily says, “Let’s make it!” and rolls up her sleeves to help out.

Maggie is amused by their strange group. It’s always the guys that are cooking. She thanks Ruoyun for breakfast and they all sit down to eat, while Tony and Nazha are sleeping again.

JBR thinks Ruoyun has lost weight and says his face is slimmer now. But, Ruoyun hasn’t noticed, he feels like he’s been eating a lot. Maggie tells JBR he got fat and here he is eating again. JBR replies that she’s chubbier as well (haha these two are hilarious)

After 15 hours of traveling on the river, they arrive at their destination. As they wait to be transported to land (two at a time) on a row boat, the guys read the menu inside the restaurant on shore. The buffet costs 50R$ per person. Tony asks how much dinner usually cost in Rio and JBR recalls it was around 270R$. But, Ruoyun points out they were never really full after each meal and didn’t get to eat much. So, they’re going to eat eat eat now!

Everyone moves their stuff into their rooms. Zhu’er and Ruoyun are sad to discover there’s no air conditioning.

Bolin is smiling as he walks out of his house with chilled bottled water and juice. He’s happy that they’re cold. After packing up his truck, he then proceeds to drive 302km to South Africa.

He had exchanged 5000 rand and he sits down at a diner for a double bacon cheeseburger. This is his 7th day of “exile”. In 2 more days he will be meeting up with the group.

Bolin drives for a long time on the never ending road until he can’t take it anymore and decides it’s time for a break. He grabs a cold can of Coca Cola to drink and reclines his seat to rest for a moment.

When he was driving he thought there was nothing out here, but in fact there is everything here. Bolin says there are actually many places and sights in the world that he hasn’t seen yet. What he’s enjoying the most on this trip is not the destination itself but the journey of getting there. The good weather, the rain, and the storms he has encountered on the road are precious experiences. Bolin believes the process of all off this is actually more important than where he ends up at.

In the Amazon rainforest, the members put on their life vests and buy equipment to go fishing. Yumeng loudly asks if anyone wants crackers and JBR tells her to shop quietly while he discusses with Tony about how many fishing rods they’ll need. But, then a moment later Yumeng walks over to interrupt again, and whispers, “Xiao Jing gege, can I buy these?” (lol she’s so cute)

JBR gives her the okay, but Ruoyun thinks she doesn’t need to get that much since they’ll be eating buffet tonight (true, I always starve myself before I go to a buffet haha). Yumeng whines with tears in her eyes that she’s worried she’ll be hungry later though and Ruoyun snacks on one of her crackers as he gives in (she’s like their little princess lol). In his interview Ruoyun admits defeat. He almost wanted to kneel down in front of her, and he probably would have if the ground wasn’t so dirty.

Maggie also thinks Yumeng is eating too much, but when Yumeng comes out of the store, she passes out snacks to the girls. JBR follows with a bowl and asks Maggie to try it, she reaches for it until she realizes it’s filled with worms, and he of course laughs in delight for tricking her once again. They then come across a wild boar and JBR calls it Jiang Jiang (lol he really doesn’t stop making fun of Maggie, does he?)

Everyone gets in their boats to go fishing for piranhas. But, it starts to rain and Tony suddenly feels a sense of danger. Ruoyun, Zhu’er, and Nazha’s boat struggles to stay afloat because they have four people on it (including their camera man) and Ruoyun has difficulty controlling the propeller. So, they travel around in circles (lol). Ruoyun is stressed and extremely embarrassed about what’s happening, while everyone on the boat is worried they’ll tip over and fall into the water at any moment now. He speaks up about the problem, something must be wrong with his propeller. Their guide comes over and steps onto the boat to show Ruoyun how to work it properly.

But then, over on JBR’s boat he drives them into the bushes. Maggie and the cameraman are terrified. As they turn around, Ruoyun is speeding over and the two boats crash. Luckily, no one is hurt and everyone continues on their way. A few minutes later though, JBR runs their boat into the trees and shrubs again.

Yumeng is enjoying herself on Tony’s boat, while everyone else is feeling miserable. Of the three guys, it seems like Tony knows what he’s doing and is able to control where they’re going.

Maggie asks JBR if he’s tired since they’re not moving (haha). So, he paddles harder and then suddenly stops when he sees a log, “Is that a crocodile?!” They both laugh at his mistake. Then JBR steps into the canal to push the boat because it’s stuck. Everyone watches him in worry. Maggie tells him to be careful. Once their boat is free, he jumps back on and follow their guide.

Ruoyun says he’s tired as he tries to restart the propeller but he pulls the entire string off. Uh-oh. There’s nothing they can do, so they grab their oars and paddle. Tony says the hardest part about controlling the boat is that everything works in the opposite direction. Yumeng is surprised that this is his first time, since he’s so good at it.

The boats come to a stop and they cast their rods. Tony catches a large piranha right away and then Ruoyun follows with an even bigger one. He gloats about it but Tony tells him, “I don’t care, I’m the first!” (haha)

JBR is the only one without any catches. He asks Ruoyun for advice and dips his fishing pole closer to the water. But, he only pulls up a bunch of seaweed and by the time they have to leave, he still didn’t catch anything. JBR is disappointed and says it feels like he’s the dumb one out since both Tony and Ruoyun were able to catch piranhas (lol I know that feeling).

The sun is setting and they see dolphins on their way back to the hotel. Ruoyun asks if they’ve watched the movie La La Land. He says the scenes in the film were filled with shots of the sky as beautiful as what they’re seeing now; it was always blue and pink because the director felt those two colors were the most romantic. Ruoyun then starts to sing, setting the mood as they sail into the sunset.

Over with Bolin, he reads his itinerary. Then he looks into the camera to announce that he will finally be meeting up with everyone again soon, and he’s looking forward to seeing them! [End of Episode]


This episode was so fun to watch! There wasn’t a boring moment and I was just as excited as the members were when they made their journey into the Amazon rainforest. Honestly, I would love to do that myself!

Maggie and JBR are the most entertaining duo, I love their bickering. Tony is shaping up to be Mr. Perfect, once again confirming there is nothing he cannot do. Yumeng might seem annoying to some people because of her childlike personality, especially since she’s older than Zhu’er (who is in fact quite mature for her age as she even took care of Nazha on the boat). But, I think Yumeng is kind of cute and it is funny watching the guys react to her. Bolin continues to say the most quotable things and I love his perspective on life. However, Ruoyun is still my favorite member (since he’s my bias here lol). I find myself liking him more and more each week! 😊

P.S. English subs were added to the episode today on Hunan TV’s official YouTube channel! Which is great, but if they’ll be subbing the show from now on, I probably won’t be recapping anymore since you guys should be able to understand it just fine without me haha

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  • Kharybeth

    Hmmm. There are no subs for episodes 1-3 though (or maybe yet?). So I’m also curious as to whether or not this is a one-shot or not. But hey! Now I can rewatch episode 4 in English! It will be nice if the translator continues but I will miss your recaps! I seriously appreciate you taking the time to do them. Much like Divas, they make my week! This is my first time watching any of the Asian reality shows and it makes me want to check out others like 72 floors of mystery.

    This was a fun breezy episode though. It’s nice seeing the large group jell and have fun together. I loved the look of the resort they stayed at in the Amazon. All those monkeys! And it is fun seeing them not be perfect. Lol. Every time you see pictures of these stars they are so perfectly styled and dressed–even when doing something as pedestrian as walking through airport terminals!–that it is refreshing to see them all grubby and normal looking.

    I felt bad for Ruoyun getting the boat with the two cowering girls. I kept waiting for their boat to capsize from all the squirming–not that I would be any better in their shoes! Actually I’d probably be scared stiff literally seeing as I’ve watched too many episodes of River Monsters!

    I felt bad for Chen when it came time to give up Fifi. I don’t think he’d realized how much he’d come to rely on her company.

    I’m glad to see the whole group appreciating this trip and all of the things they are getting to see and experience–as well as appreciating each other. So things will get interesting when the group meets up with Chen.

    Again thank you for recapping this series!

  • emiie

    I’m going to miss your recaps and thank you so much for recapping!!! I want to travel with Tony and Chen Bolin, they are like the perfect travel companions. I also like Jing Boran and Ruoyun’s running commentary. They are hilarious. And Maggie is so chummy! Aside, wow the mountain of luggage is mind boggling but that’s just me since I tend to only carry a backpack when I travel and yes I have travelled with only one backpack for one month.