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[Feature] C-ent artists in Cannes Film Festival juries, a quick list

Cannes Film Festival 2017
Fan Bingbing is so stunning as she poses with Will Smith, Jessica Chastain and other jury members at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival. 

It’s quite a big deal to be a part of a prestigious film festival jury. Fan Bingbing’s appointment as a juror in this year’s Cannes Film Festival is a nice nod to her credibility as an artist and further strengthens her status as C-entertainment royalty.

Cannes Film Festival jurors (or judges) are selected and appointed by the festival’s Board of Directors prior to the opening of the festival. Juries are mainly comprised of international artists from the film industry, including actors, directors and producers. Selection is based on the artists’ body of work and respect from their colleagues. Juries—which this year also include my favorite actress Jessica Chastain (Zero Dark Thirty), Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodovar (Talk to Her) and South Korean filmmaker Park Chan Wook (Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance) —have the sole responsibility of choosing which among the competing films will receive a Cannes award. Quite a tall order, isn’t it? But it also sounds like a lot of fun if you like movies like I do.

Here’s a quick list of C-ent artists who were previously appointed Cannes Film Festival jurors. This list covers the juries for feature films and includes artists from mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. I included some trivia in the photo captions as a bonus.

  • 1997: Gong Li, actress
  • 1998: Chen Kaige, filmmaker
Chen Kaige‘s masterpiece Farewell My Concubine is the only Chinese-language film to date to receive the Palme d’Or, the highest prize awarded at the Cannes Film Festival.
  • 2001: Edward Yang, filmmaker (won the Best Director Award at the 2000 Cannes Film Festival for “YiYi“)
  • 2002: Michelle Yeoh, actress
  • 2003: Jiang Wen, actor/filmmaker
  • 2004: Tsui Hark, filmmaker
  • 2005: John Woo, filmmaker
  • 2006: Zhang Ziyi, actress
  • 2007: Maggie Cheung, actress
  • 2009: Shu Qi, actress
Shu Qi sure knows how to pick her projects. She starred in two films that received Cannes Film Festival awards: Millenium Mambo in 2001 and The Assassin in 2015, both directed by Taiwanese filmmaker, Hou Hsiao-Hsien.
  • 2011: Johnnie To, filmmaker
  • 2011:  Nansun Shi, producer
  • 2013: Ang Lee, filmmaker
  • 2014: Jia Zhangke, filmmaker
  • 2017: Fan Bingbing, actress

The 2017 Cannes Film Festival runs May 17-28.