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[General News] Weibo closes down 19 tabloid blogs including the blog of infamous paparazzi Zhuo Wei

Weibo announced Wednesday afternoon that they closed down 19 gossip blogs on their social networking platform. On their statement they said that in order to manage the accounts on their website, accounts like the ones closed needed to be shut down because these accounts’ main objectives are to spread gossip, rumors and to slander the names of popular celebrities which are against the Weibo Terms of Service.

They also said that Weibo’s celebrities and their fans are an important part of the website’s existence and that the healthy development of Weibo does not need rumors to make a quick buck so they need to close the door on vulgarity and slander.

They ended their statement with:

Weibo puts importance in protecting the rights and interests of the celebrities and public figures and pay attention to their experience on Weibo, we also support public figures to use legal methods to protect their rights.

Here’s a list of the gossip blogs that were closed down:




















  • maggie

    Oh shoot!! Luhan must be happy now lol

  • WD79

    Zhuo Wei too? Haha!

  • JoyBells

    Zhuo Wei,isn’t he the one who spread those rumors about Luhan and about Kris too?!? Good!

  • LunaToown

    well good thing they closed zhuo wei weibo account for kris and luhan and many other celebrities

  • Unspoken Demise

    Hehe currently Zhuo wei is unemployed .Don’t ever mess with my boy Kris .

  • L.A_21

    hahaha good thing weibo made a move in closing misleading blog tabloids.

  • Shooting down the fake news makers.