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[General News] Zheng Kai confirms split from girlfriend Yvonne Ching

Speculations of Zheng Kai and Yvonne Ching‘s break up have been around for a while now, but a recent episode of Youth Inn 青春旅社, a reality show which features Yvonne and many others as regulars, had netizens scratching their heads. 

On the show, Zheng Kai made a surprise visit for Yvonne and the couple displayed a very loving relationship that made others envious. Knowing that Yvonne’s dream was to open up a boba shop, Zheng Kai surprised her with a truck equipped with tools and ingredients for her to use as a shop.

After the episode aired, many netizens were questioning whether the couple was really broken up or not. The two were also previously on another reality show called We Are In Love 我们相爱吧.

Today, the two were trending again on Weibo with netizens questioning their relationship. Zheng Kai has decided to speak up by making a post on his own account to confirm the breakup.


I’ll just say it, no need for everyone to guess anymore. We have split up, but (we’re) still friends and wish each other the best. Thank you for everyone’s concern, (we) don’t want to get too much attention.

Glad to see that it seems to be an amicable breakup.