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[Weibo] Jordan Chan and Cherrie Ying hold hands with the lovable Xiao Pao Fu

Recently, Jordan Chan and Cherrie Ying attended the NetEase x Vivo People With Attitude Awards Ceremony and their cute interactions with Will Liu‘s adorable daughter Xiao Pao Fu has been a hot topic on Weibo.The most recent season of the popular reality show, Where Are We Going, Dad? 爸爸去哪儿 has been gaining a huge following thanks to the cast. Revealing his son Jasper, who has long been shielded from the public eye, for the first time, Jordan’s popularity skyrocketed after joining the show. Other celebrity dads and their cute kids include: Wu Chun, daughter Neinei and son Max, Will Liu and daughter Xiao Pao Fu 小泡芙 (nickname), Du Jiang and (his hilarious) son En Heng 嗯哼 (nickname), dad-in-training Deng Lun and “daughter” Xiao Shan Zhu 小山竹 (nickname). All dads and kids have been gaining a lot of attention and can be seen trending on Weibo throughout the week after every episode.

Jordan has always expressed his fondness for Xiao Pao Fu and wishes to be able to have a daughter like her one day. Many netizens also joke that they feel bad for little Jasper because Jordan seems to forget about his son when talking about Xiao Pao Fu. 

During the award ceremony, Jordan also went on stage after Xiao Pao Fu received an award to gave her a giant lollipop. The little girl thanked him by giving him a kiss on the cheek. Later, Cherrie Ying also shared a hilarious video of herself and Jordan holding hands and walking with Xiao Pao Fu while Wu Chun and her real dad Will Liu played bodyguards.

👨‍👩‍👧一家三口和两位超帥保鏢😆 #網易vivo有態度人物盛典

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A family of three plus two super handsome bodyguards #NetEaseVivoPeopleWithAttitudeAwardCeremony

The topic “Jordan Chan Cherrie Ying hold hands with Xiao Pao Fu” 陈小春应采儿牵手小泡芙 began trending on Weibo and many netizens once joked that they feel bad for Jasper.

During their interview for the award ceremony, the couple noted that Jasper couldn’t make it as he had to attend school. When asked about their goal for the rest of the year, Cherrie quickly responded “(to get) pregnant”. Can you imagine little Jasper playing with his little sibling?

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