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[Music Review] Diana Wang 王詩安 – Poem 詩 (Released November 30, 2017)

Poem is Diana’s first album after signing as FUMUSIC’s second artist- right after it’s founder, Khalil Fong. The album was produced by Khalil Fong and shows off a distinctive style that is rare in the Chinese music industry. 


  1. 一步成詩
  2. 徠卡味
  3. 主角
  4. 幾十年不會變
  5. 你的女孩
  6. 明天 (featuring Khalil Fong & Wang Lei)
  7. 望江亭
  8. 換裝
  9. For Real
  10. Random Day (featuring Joanna Wang)
  11. Starry (featuring Charlie Lim)
  12. 心宇宙

My favorite tracks:

徠卡味 (Leica)

This track had me shocked at first listen. Diana’s vocals paired with the catchy tune feels like a perfect match. The song is about seeing life from a different point of view (through a camera lens). This song feels like it would be perfect as a promotional song for the camera brand – why haven’t they hopped on it?

Lyrics highlight:

(Woo) 生活有點難度
(Woo) life is getting a little tough
(不) 如換個新角度
Why don’t we change to a new angle?
把痛苦 變焦到遠處
Take the pain and zoom it out into the distance
Make it blurry

生活 帶點徠卡味
Life that’s through a Leica 
怎麼 都不會乏味
Will not be dull, no matter what 

明天 (Tomorrow) featuring Khalil Fong & Wang Lei

I actually heard this track a while ago so it’s wasn’t a first listen for me when going through the album. It’s a very interesting track which pairs Diana’s R&B style with her mother Wang Lei‘s Chinese opera. I’m a sucker for anything that combines older styles with the new. The part with both ladies singing together along with Khalil’s guitar in the background gave me goosebumps.

Starry (featuring Charlie Lim)

Wow, I have never heard of Charlie Lim before this but I am totally blown away by his voice. This is a beautiful duet with majority of the lyrics being in English. I thought both artists’ voices meshed very well together. After researching a little, I found out that Charlie is a Singaporean artist who was signed by Universal Music Singapore in 2016 and is currently preparing for an album. I’ll definitely be looking out for his new music!

Overall thoughts:

Rating: ★★★★★

I LOVE THIS ALBUM! I am personally a huge fan of Khalil Fong and I couldn’t be happier with this album. It’s clear that Diana is in good hands and her musical style is blooming beautifully. Compared to her previous work, this album is significantly less poppy and way more artsy. I don’t know what else to say- this album is a work of art. I can’t wait to see what else FUMUSIC has up their sleeves.

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  • owlstar

    Leica IS camera brand lol. A pretty darn good/expensive one at that.

    • chuanqi

      HAHA I realized that earlier today. Don’t know why in my mind didn’t click. But still – don’t think the song is being used as a promotional song. I think it’s perfect as one.

  • xinxin_ll

    My favorite song was also Leica from the MVs that she’s released! I really like the whispy/playful yet r&bish type feel but with a really catchy melody. I thought the arrangement was really atmospheric.

    I will definitely check out the full album because of this review. Thanks!