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[Weibo Trending] Jelly Lin at the airport with no makeup on

Recently, Jelly Lin (also known as Lin Yun 林允) was seen at the airport in the most comfortable form- no makeup and wrapped up warmly. Photos of her looking worn out surfaced and netizens were asked for their opinion when it comes to her bare face. 

Comments (for these photos):

    1. [+1875] Fei Xia? This is what you call a real bare face (t/n: Fei Xia is her birth name and is more frequently used by her haters than fans)
    2. [+1567] Typically, celebrities’ so-called bare faces actually have minimal makeup on, this is a true bare face
    3. [+1170] She really looks average, zero aura. To have such luck in life, I’m afraid she will suffer in the later half of her life. God is fair
    4. [+855] At least she dares to leave the house with a bare face and doesn’t care what others thing. It’s better than some celebrities who don’t dare to leave the house with bare faces. If they don’t put makeup on, they will wear a face mask and sunglasses to hide it but if you take those off, what difference will they have from her?
    5. [+483] How many photographers did she offend………. the angle is actually very important
    6. [+325] ……. to the group of sour people in the comments, (firstly) I have no feelings about her. Her bare face is indeed very average, but she received the compliments of Stephen Chow so at least she’s a celebrity now. No matter how good looking you are, you aren’t her. She has already reached a level that you can’t reach…….
    7. [+327] Gangster sister Fei, even her bare face is domineering. I just can’t forget sister Fei’s harshness (t/n: promotional stuff omitted)
    8. [+318] I feel this is what you call a true bare face
    9. [+176] A lot of verified accounts say her bare faced smile is very beautiful [doge]
    10. [+117] Her skin is not bad

source: weibo

At the same time, photos taken by other photographers were also posted to show that this particular set of photos that went viral appear to be just taken from unfortunate angles and moments. Who doesn’t have bad photos, right?

What do you think?