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[Weibo Viral] Video: “Those Years, the Male Gods We Chased After”

This is a lovely fanmade music video of 20 Chinese actors in ancient costume, created by weibo user 坏小孩_320. She has kindly given Two C-ents permission to share this on our YouTube channel! Please do not re-upload it. Since the video was published on March 30th, a popular entertainment blogger on weibo posted about the beautiful MV, and as of today it has received 467,000 views! Check out the English subtitled video below! It’s a feast for the eyes!

Actors include: Luhan, Liu Ruilin, Wu Lei, Hu Ge, Wang Kai, Wallace Huo, Jin Dong, Lin Gengxin, Yang Yang, Luo Jin, Yan Yikuan, William Chan, Li Yifeng, Mao Zijun, Chen Xiao, Feng Shaofeng, Vengo Gao, Wallace Chung, Yu Menglong, and Zhang Zhiyao! Turn on CC for English subs!

Who else do you think should have been in the video?? Comment and let us know!

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[Weibo Viral] “My Dad is a Liar” netizens react

MetLife Hong Kong’s touching commercial from 2015 was creating buzz again yesterday when China’s biggest newspaper People’s Daily shared the video on their weibo page (which they titled: my dad is a liar). Even though the video about a father’s struggle in providing the best for his daughter was from two years ago, I think it’s still worth posting here and watching again (or watch it for the first time if you haven’t seen it yet) considering how beautifully it was filmed and the underlying message is one that tugs at your heartstrings!

It actually reminds me of my own parents and my own experiences growing up. We may not have been the most well off family, but my childhood was filled with the best of memories thanks to my mom (who’s no longer here) and my dad who continues to be the most amazing father in the world ❤️

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[Weibo Viral] Man charges 800 RMB for 15 minute tomb sweeping service

As the Qingming Festival approaches on April 5th (the traditional annual tomb sweeping day in China where people commemorate and show respect to their ancestors by visiting grave sites to clean, burn incense, offer food/wine, and etc), Chinese news portals reported on a post-90’s generation young man’s taobao shop, where he (who goes by the pseudonym Qiao Luo Nan) offers the service of tomb sweeping (at a price of 800 RMB) on behalf of those who are unable to do it themselves for whatever reasons they may have. Although it is only a 15 minute ritual, preparations need to be done three days in advance (such as locating the grave and purchasing necessary items for the offering). He has been doing this for two years now, with two strict rules: 1. he won’t kneel and 2. he won’t fake tears. Qiao Luo Nan explains that, “Being able to help others fulfill their wishes, to express their kind intentions, is more than just a business to me, it’s a way to assist another person in carrying out a good deed,”

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[Weibo Viral] ‘Orange City Intrigue’ is the most popular dish in Hunan University’s cafeteria


(Photo above: wenwen’s attempt at cooking this dish 😛 )

Cafeteria food at universities are known to be questionable at times, such as “apple beef stir fry” and “banana chicken” that’s been served in some canteens across China. But, the latest fruity invention from Chef Hu of Hunan University is absolutely delicious and students are going back for more! His dish has gained immense popularity recently and it even became a hot topic on weibo. The original post garnered 2,937 shares, 4,270 comments, and 16,681 likes.

Chef Hu originally named his dish “orange steamed meat.” But students later helped him give it a more creative name and thus “Orange City Intrigue (橙市套路深)” was born. The name is a play on the popular online meme “城市套路深, 我要回农村” which basically means “city people are too sly/scheming, I have to go back to the countryside [where life is simpler]” (The words orange and city are homophonous in Mandarin)

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[Weibo Viral] How do university students decorate their dorm rooms?

University dorms became a hot topic last night when Xin’an Evening News reported on a romantically decorated dorm room in Sichuan University’s School of Economics. The sweet and cozy space belongs to 4 female graduate students. Within 12 hours the post has garnered 685 shares, 2442 comments, and 7741 likes.

After seeing pictures of the now popular room, netizens began sharing photos of their own dormitories, with most people agreeing that a comfortable room is a must for university students as it is after all their ‘home away from home.’

Take a look at the pictures below to get some inspiration! How do these dorms compare to your own room?

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[Weibo Viral] Popular Weibo user shares new celebrity imitation photos

Weibo user VIKI_SIYU known for her imitation makeup of Fan Bing Bing, Kris Wu, and Dilraba Dilmurat shared some new pictures this week of herself as Luhan this time!

Look under the cut for more photos!

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