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[Drama News] First look at Chen Xiang’s A Step into the Past 寻秦记

16 years after TVB’s adaption of Huang Yi’s novel of the same name, A Step into the Past 寻秦记 is finally getting a remake. The new web drama stars Chen Xiang in the role of the hero Xiang Shaolong, which was played by Louis Koo in 2001 and the immense popularity of the show was undeniable. Louis received the best actor award for his performance and it was the last drama he participated in as he decided to concentrate on his film career. A Step into the Past is one of my all time favorite dramas. I know TVB changed the story a lot and Louis also contributed to the script (my mom was the number one Koo Jai fan, she knew everything lol). So, I know this new version will be very different and it’ll be hard to surpass the original. But, I am curious to see how it turns out.

In an interview with the press, Chen Xiang was asked where he found the confidence to take on such an iconic role as Xiang Shaolong. He answered that he believes in every man’s heart there exists a character like Xiang Shaolong, and he recalls when he watched the TVB drama years ago, he always wondered what he would do if he were to time travel. So, he’s really happy that his dream came true and he has the chance to participate in this new adaption. He also notes that he did not try to copy Louis Koo in his portrayal of Xiang Shaolong. Chen Xiang believes this new version of A Step into the Past will be a refreshing experience for the audience…

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